Monday, November 8, 2010

Classic Closure

Classic Closure from Wishes
So, this card also uses left over Triple Play pieces.  Classic Closure (tm) measures 3.5" x 8" and can be found in Wishes.  The bottom of the card has been cut away which is why we need some closure.  The bottom is Sweet Leaf which has been scalloped (not shown) with the help of the corner rounder.  I would say that's the only tricky part to this card.

For the closure, I did use brads and put the buttons on top of the brads.  How did I do that?  I slightly sanded the tops of the brads and then used Bonding Memory Glue (love the stuff).  You have to make sure to put this aside to let the glue dry.  Then, when the card was assembled, pierce holes through just the top flap and the bottom.  I tied a knot in the waxy flax and slipped it on the top brad.  When you put the brads in, don't push them all the way down.  You need room for the waxy flax to fit underneath to close the card.

The buttons in the upper left portion of the card is a combination of clear buttons, winter buttons, and the die cut buttons.  The farthest left button is a clear button with a die cut button on top.  Just below the buttons is the saying "sweet moments" from the Triple Play Kit.  You can stamp any saying you'd like.

The focal point has a corner stamp stamped as a second generation in the bottom left of the colonial white cardstock (wow, that was hard to write!).  The colonial white is on top of Sunset cardstock.  The strip is Smoothie cardstock.

All Materials CTMH:
X7128B  Olivia Paper Packet
X5758     Sunset Cardstock
X5639     Sweet Leaf Cardstock
Z2153     Sweet Leaf Ink
Z2155     Topiary Ink (button string)
Z2196     Smoothie Ink (saying and flower)
Z2162     Honey Ink (center of flower)
Z2191     Sunset Ink (second generation -- and in kit)
Z1219     Essential Brads
Z1081     Colonial White Waxy Flax
Z1155     Clear Craft Buttons (being discontinued 12/10)
Z1284     Winter Craft Buttons (being discontinued 12/10)
Z578       Corner Rounder
Z553       Bonding Memories Glue
Z1091     Finishing Files

Curtain Call

Curtain Call from Wishes

With the Triple Play promotion done with, I've put together my three albums but have some left over die cut shapes.  Since I didn't want them to go to waste, I created some cards using them.  This Curtain Call(tm) from Wishes card is the first of my examples.  The card is 4.5" x 4.5" finished.  I did have to cut out the bracket symbol, but that's it.  The Hollyhock flowers are rolled (second generation the rolled in the same color on the outside, then stamped)

Even though the stamping kit, Triple Play, is no longer available, doesn't mean you can't use other stamps for a similiar look.

Materials all CTMH:
X7122B  You Rock Paper packet
1245       Olive Cardstock
               Triple Play Set
               Hollyhock Ink (comes with kit)
               Indian Corn Blue Ink (comes with kit)

Z2123     Goldrush Ink
Z210       Autumn Terracotta Ink (button strings)
Z2137     Olive Ink