Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JOY block

The last side of my project is for winter time.  Because of the colors and word, I can display it for several months.  And in California, you have to remind yourself it's still winter -- even in January.  Tee hee.  :)

But, Dana, there are only three letters in the word "joy" and you have four blocks.

Never fear, my friends!  That's why we have dimensional element snowflakes!!

Here I used a the blue hues of Miracle paper packet to compliment Petal.  It was a joy working on this word (pun intended... and the drum sounds).  In fact, I was in Mammoth among lots of snow while working on this word.  Each letter is outlined with fun flock to make it look like condensation on a "window".

 Glitter was added to several rows of Ready Color Borders for a snow mound (alright, so it's a small mound).  The Shimmer brads finishes the letter.
 Clear buttons and colored floss help with this letter "O".  The hard part of this whole project is to have a different look for each of the letters.  By the time I got to this word, I asked myself often, "what haven't I done yet?".  By adding lots of different sized buttons, all on one side, change the look from, say the "O" of Hope.
 Another simple yet elegant letter.  The brads set the letter off and combined with all of the blocks, it lets the reader know that it's the end of the word.
Finally, I embossed the snowflakes in white in the background.  I wanted the feel of lots of snow (since there was a ton of it).  Some of the snowflakes I went over with petal ink to spread the color around more.  And I sponged the snowflake with Pacifica ink.

And there you have my major submission for convention.  You may have already seen some of the cards and my layout.  If not, you can click on Labels: Convention Submission (below) and see everything I've posted so far.  I think I am only missing two more items... but I'll save that for another night.  I'm going to bed.  :)

LOVE block

Did I mention I was chosen to teach at convention this year?  After four years of trying, I got help from my upline, and submitted something worthy of CTMH.  I'm really excited and nervous!!

The third side of my blocks highlight the word "LOVE".  This is another word that can hang out on the mantel year round.  This word uses the Sweetheart Paper packet, sponging around the all papers with black ink.  The letters L, V, and E use the back side of the striped paper.  The O has three other papers in use.  Let's dive a little deeper...

 Another simple letter.  I used the red assortment sparkles and Cranberry ribbon here.
Here, I layered dimensional heart elements on topf of each other.  I got this idea from Pnina and a card swap she did at Kay's meeting (thanks, Pnina).  :)  Because of the high layers, I put foam tape underneath to retain the level of the letter.  The black is all from the black mini-medley accessories and include a button, brad, ribbon, and corduroy brad.
 Here the Just Blooms flowers take center stage even though they are in the background.  This paper is wonderful because Tulip (here) and Cranberry (letter L) both look great!  The heart is a dimensional element covered in B&T paper.
Another simple letter.  :)  The flower is from the Red Button Assortment and the tags are from the black and tulip mini-medley.  White hemp is tied in a bow.

WISH Block

The "i" of this word is my favorite.  You know how you get an idea in your mind and you work at it until it looks the same in reality as in your mind?  Well, I usually have to settle because it doesn't always work out the way you want.  This one is an exception!

The WISH block can be used for birthdays or any celebration (like the Fourth of July), which is why I used the Fanfare paper packet.  The letters have cardstock that I spritzed with a mixture of pearl paint and water. 

 Nice and simple.  The ink is White Daisy which is a pigment ink.  I set it with our craft heater, and tied it on with white embroidery floss.
 The cupcake frosting is our liquid applique.  I let it dry over night so it would be a smoother finish.  I then added bitty brads to look like those little balls (I can't think of the proper name for them).  The wrappers are stamped on white textured cardstock and mounted in the middle.  The flame is two layers of dimensional element stars.  The bottom layer is sponged in buttercup ink.  The second layer has a star from the B&T paper, rotated, and the top layer is a cut out star.
 The S used Fanfare's My Stickease for the banner. I cut the border to make it sag a little. I then added a brad between the two pieces so that the banner is being held up by the brad. Okay, I'm a little crazy so I cut out a star from the B&T paper and glued it onto the brad.

Buttons, My Stickease, and a Canvas button with a cut out star make for excellent balloons for this letter.  The strings are waxy flax.

HOPE blocks

You may have watched my video, well, now it's time to see the blocks up close.  I took four My Creation Cubes and created words on each side.  This one is HOPE.

For this side, I used Mayberry paper as my choice of paper.  I sponged with cocoa around each of the letters (I kept them white) and the papers.  The "P" is stamped on in Olive ink.

I'd list everything I used except that it would take me quite some time to look everything up.  I figure it's the general idea that is more important.  If you'd like to know exactly what I used, you can email me at and ask specifically.  :)

A Tweet Card

Here I wanted to show two things.  The first is adding a second color to a solid stamp (see the stomach) and that cut out items don't always have to go on top (see the branch).

How do you accomplish the two tone bird?  First, you need to twist, twist, tap, tap, tap your solid stamp in the lightest ink pad (Creme Brulee here). Next, take a sponge dauber (or tissue paper for texture as I did here) and sponge with a different color ink (Sunset here) onto the inked stamp.  It's best to work quickly, but you can always give your stamp a huff to bring the moisture back outward before stamping.  Once the image was stamped, I took a  marker and used the fine end to draw in the legs and feet, and the beak.

For some reason I enjoy cutting small details.  How do I cut into small areas?  I use our micro-tip scissors which give me GREAT control.  I start cutting, usually a little way from (and going toward) the detailed area (the feet here).  That way I have a lot of paper to hold onto while I move the paper.  Notice what you just read?  I move the paper around my scissors, not the scissors around the paper.  I will adjust the scissors so they are more open within the detailed areas.  I find the back to middle of the scissors give me more control than the tip.  Again, I move the paper around my scissors until I'm past the detail area and then use more of the scissors with each "stroke."  I applied the same technique for the branchs and flowers.

All Products CTMH:
X7128B  Olivia Level 2 Paper Packet (background and texture paper)
X5754    Creme Brulee Cardstock
X5642    Cocoa Cardstock
A1104    A Tweet Stamp Set
Z2114    Cocoa Ink Pad
Z2167    Creme Brulee Ink Pad
Z2191    Sunset Ink Pad
Z2137    Olive Ink Pad
Z2214    Cocoa Marker
Z2203    Bamboo Marker (beak)
Z534      Micro-tip Scissors
Z1333    Mocha Opaques Adhesive Gems
Z1151     3-D Foam Tape (bird)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Studio J layouts

If you haven't tried Studio J, you should.  It doesn't cost anything but time which you will make up the more you use the program.  Go to and click on Studio J.  You'll set up an account (if you don't already have one) and go.  The program is very powerful.  It allows you to resize your pictures, add journalling and title, add accessories, and change out paper as you see fit.

Like I said, you can try it free.  The program will store your work for 3 months free.  If you become a member to Studio J, you will get the prints at 50% off, are entitled to one free shipment per month, and free jpegs for posting online.  There are also exclusive layouts to members.  But don't take my word for it, go and try it!!

These are a few layouts I created from my nephew's Court of Honor where he received his Eagle Scout.

 The layouts come printed as 12x12 pages and are ready to be slipped into the page protectors and album.  I gave these to my sister for her birthday.

As you can see, there are buttons and ribbon on the layouts.  I chose the colors of the buttons and the color of the thread.  The brads were my color choice too!