Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JOY block

The last side of my project is for winter time.  Because of the colors and word, I can display it for several months.  And in California, you have to remind yourself it's still winter -- even in January.  Tee hee.  :)

But, Dana, there are only three letters in the word "joy" and you have four blocks.

Never fear, my friends!  That's why we have dimensional element snowflakes!!

Here I used a the blue hues of Miracle paper packet to compliment Petal.  It was a joy working on this word (pun intended... and the drum sounds).  In fact, I was in Mammoth among lots of snow while working on this word.  Each letter is outlined with fun flock to make it look like condensation on a "window".

 Glitter was added to several rows of Ready Color Borders for a snow mound (alright, so it's a small mound).  The Shimmer brads finishes the letter.
 Clear buttons and colored floss help with this letter "O".  The hard part of this whole project is to have a different look for each of the letters.  By the time I got to this word, I asked myself often, "what haven't I done yet?".  By adding lots of different sized buttons, all on one side, change the look from, say the "O" of Hope.
 Another simple yet elegant letter.  The brads set the letter off and combined with all of the blocks, it lets the reader know that it's the end of the word.
Finally, I embossed the snowflakes in white in the background.  I wanted the feel of lots of snow (since there was a ton of it).  Some of the snowflakes I went over with petal ink to spread the color around more.  And I sponged the snowflake with Pacifica ink.

And there you have my major submission for convention.  You may have already seen some of the cards and my layout.  If not, you can click on Labels: Convention Submission (below) and see everything I've posted so far.  I think I am only missing two more items... but I'll save that for another night.  I'm going to bed.  :)

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