Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Studio J: Statistics and Why You Should Use it

This weekend I went and got some training... okay, not really "training" as much as information absorbing.  Either way, it was really interesting.

Brian Holman, our VP & COO, spoke about Studio J.  Studio J was designed for the busy parents (okay, mother) who wants to scrapbook.  She might already be paper scrapping (aka Classical Scrapbooker).  These are her photo habits -- we're talking averages here.

She takes 668 photos a year.  Of those pictures, she prints 368 (55%).  Why does she print them?  She wants to scrap them.  However, due to time, she only puts 276 (75% of printed) pictures into a book.  Assuming she uses 6 photos per two-page layout, she'll need 46 layouts per year.  She'd be able to create 12-24 layouts per year (remember, she's really busy).  That leaves 24-32 layouts that don't get done.

Her solution is Studio J.  Studio J is the perfect tool to get caught up.  Don't have time or space to take out your supplies (just to put them away a few hours later)?  All you need is a computer with your photos (you already have years of them on the computer waiting for time to scrap them).  You can literally complete a two page layout in 30 minutes with accessories and journaling.

So let's talk Studio J options here.  There are several to choose from.
   Option 1: Go create on Studio J via ctmh.com/dsdoodles without any obligation.  Go on, get your feet wet.  There is nothing to download even!  Those layouts you create will remain in your account for 3 months.  After that you'll need to purchase them, which you can do for $13 per two-page layout plus shipping and handling.
   Option 2: Try it out an all inclusive package.  For $55 you will receive 5 two-page layouts, 5 page protectors, and shipping and handling.  This is also a great choice to give as a gift even.  A warning however -- it is only a one time deal.  If you only create 3 layouts, don't expect to be able to use the code later for the remaining 2 layouts.  You will lose what you don't use.
   Option 3: For the limited budget: How about a 3 month membership?!  A three month membership is $30.  As a member, you'll have access to exclusive kits and patterns, and a free JPG of your purchased layouts.  You will also get one free shipment per month (4 layout minimum and 20 maximum for this offer), and free page protectors.  After your initial three months, $10 per month will be automatically charged to your account until you cancel your membership.  Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to mention that the cost of each two-page layout will be $6.50 which is 50% off!
   Option 4: The best value:  For $99 a year (or $8.25 a month), you will receive the benefits of being a member -- $6.50 per layout, free page protectors, free JPG for every layout purchased, one free shipment per month (see above for more details), and exclusive kits and patterns to work with.

So now that you know a little more about your Studio J options, let's go back to our scrappers dilemma -- how to get those extra 24 to 32 layouts scrapped.  Currently she is spending $15-32 per month to develop her pictures (and then they sit around waiting to be scrapped).  But if she were to go with Option 4 above, she'd then spend $20-35 per month AND have completed layouts.

To me, there is no question.  I have a membership.  I'm getting caught up on my scrapping.  Does that mean I won't paper scrap anymore?  No.  I still want to do that.  I tend to give birthday parties and family gatherings priority.  But what about all of those other pictures I take.  My feelings are, "I'll do them when I get a chance."  Well, years later, they still aren't done.

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