Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Modification Fits the Bill

On the May/June 2012 "Paper Craft" Magazine cover is a Father's day card for someone in the military.  It has dog tags hanging from the top with a strip of paper under that with the word "HERO" on it.  And under that are 4 square pieces of background and texture paper.  I REALLY like the card.

I also really liked the look, but since I don't have anyone in the military and Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation was coming up, I decided to modify the card to suit my needs.  I did just that!

Mother's Day was first on my mind.  Why not use the "Hero" from the original card?  After all, isn't Mom a hero too?!  Since my mom wasn't in the military, the dog tags had to go.  Instead, the pearl opaques took form for the necklace.  Lucy paper provided the squares below and the color scheme.  Our Color-Ready Cork Alphabet provided the letters for the word.

Next, I had teacher appreciation week to get ready for.  I like the look and feel my Mother's Day card gives, so I want to modify that one.  I did think about keeping the "hero" for my teachers, but compared to Mom -- well, there isn't a comparison.  The word had to change.
I went with the pearl necklace but, as you can see, I added the apple charm.  The ruler I stamped from a retired stamp set Into the Month of August (the apple came from there too).  The letters are from the Irresistibles Lots of Dots Alphabet.

To create the necklaces, I took a 3.5" circle and folded it (not in half though).  Once I liked the arc, I used the circle as a template adding the opaques to the edge.  I started in the middle and worked my way toward the top of the card adding smaller opaques as I went along.

Pretty cool!

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