Saturday, February 16, 2013

Graduation and Wedding Money Flower Pot

Yesterday I showed you the graduation money flower pot for Paper Cupcake's Blog Hop.  Today I want to share the sizes and techniques I used to create the "garden."

Graduation Bouquet

I am going to be sending this to the Close to my Heart Corporate office.  I hope they enjoy it.  Oh, and just so you know, I'll be sending fake money.  ;-)

The "f" key is the star today.  This is found on page 54 of the Artiste booklet.  I like to note where on the Cricut keypad any key is located using a Column Row numbering system.  So for most of these images you'll find the key at Column 5 Row 4 or C5R4.

The pot (3D Object) was cut at 6.25" which, when it's put together, will be 2.5" high.  It's not that big, but you know big things come in small packages.  As I mentioned yesterday, our two sided background and texture paper are ideal because of the contrasting lip without any extra work.

The single leaf is from Accent 4 and sized at 0.75".  I cut two leaves per flower.  The vine was cut at 1.75" and is found on 3D Object <shift>.  I think 6 vines fill in the pot well.

The flowers consist of three flat flowers from Accent 3 <shift> sized at 2.5" (cut two per flower), 2", and 1.5".  The center of the flower is the spiky 3D flower from Accent 1 <shift> and measures 3".

Last prep is cutting the congratulations from the Art Philosophy Cartridge.  The image is from one of the three stamp sets included in the bundle.  Found at C1R2 (and page 30), the <circle2> was cut at 1.75".  The background  and texture paper was cut at 2".

Wedding Bouquet

On to assembly:

Money ~
The individual bills are rolled longwise.  I made them as tight as I could knowing they would loosen up after I tied them.  But in order to tie them, I placed a paper clip at each end of the rolled bill.  I tied 9" of Twine around the bill and then removed the paper clips.

Flowers ~
You want to glue 4 petals of the 2.5" flat flower together.  This will form a pocket for the money to slide into.  Make sure you only put glue on the petals or you won't be able to slide the money in.  I then sponged all of the flowers, including the 3D flowers.  Form the 3D flowers into, well, 3D flowers, then glue the 3D flower to the flat flowers.

The graduation flowers I left plain.  The wedding flowers I jazzed up a bit with Opaque Pearls for the center.

Single Leaf ~
I attached them to the money with one glue dot per leaf.  Money is made from paper so there was no problem getting the dots to stick, and they came off too.

Vines ~
Four of the vines I glued directly to the pot edges.  The remaining two I placed into the pot along with the flowers.

Extras ~
For my graduation pot, I used 24" of Cranberry twine for the pot.  I liked having something tied around the pot, but it isn't necessary.  The wedding pot, on the other hand, I dressed up with Color-Ready Ribbon colored with Honey.  The ribbon would not stick to our Tombow tape runner.  It also doesn't stick really well to glue dots.  I didn't want to use Liquid Glass because that would leak through the ribbon and show.  What worked well was Scor-Tape (red tape and the likes should work equally as well).

Congratulations ~
I kept with the round theme and used the stamp I did.  For the graduation card I only added two bitty sparkles to the word dividers (I don't know if that's what they are really called, but it's obvious where I put them when you look at the stamped image).  The wedding ensemble was dressed up with a Black Glitter Button tied with Black Hemp to the skewer.

Wedding dressed up with a bow tie

Making everything stand up:
I put bird seed into the pot and put the flowers and extra vines into the pot.  We are done!!

Graduation Wedding
Pot Paper Scholastic For Always
Flower Cardstock Cranberry Honey
Flower Sponge Color Barn Red Goldrush
Leaf and Vine Cardstock New England Ivy Olive
Congratulations Color Cocoa Black
Twine Color Cranberry Creme Brulee

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