Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Picture Pajama Party Tonight!!

Don't forget this afternoon is the afternoon to watch how Artbooking Cricut Cartridge is going to make scrapbooking so much fun and easy!

Tonight at 5pm at Big Picture Classes!

Studio J Layout Revisited

A few days ago I showed you my Disney Cruise layout, and I mentioned I added some elements to the layouts.  This made it a hybrid layout.

Today I wanted to mention a few other things I did to the layout.  The first thing to mention is the paper packet used for the layout is Surf's Up.  The default colors of Surf's Up are Chocolate, Crystal Blue, Ponderosa Pine, Sorbet, Surf's Up Gold, Surf's Up Teal, and White Daisy.  These were not going to work with Disney Colors!  Tommy paper packet colors -- Cranberry, Desert Sand, Honey, and Outdoor Denim -- were a much better choice.  However, I didn't want the nautical patterns of Tommy, and I liked the paper from Surf's Up better.  Surf's Up will fit the vacation pictures much better because there are more pictures then just the ocean.

I loaded the Surf's Up paper for my pattern of choice.  Problem solved by changing the colors of the paper!
The patterned blue paper used to be shades of teal.  I wanted this paper to represent water, but, as you can imagine, wouldn't go with my pictures as teal.  Similarly, I changed the color of the paper to the left (Surf's Up Gold previously) Honey, and to the right Outdoor Denim.  And finally, I added Desert Sand and Bamboo to the mix.

For the buttons, I made them a mix of colors because I wanted one more point of red on the page (triangles are pleasing to the eye and I had two chimney stacks in the picture).  The Cranberry button helps with the other dots of red.  But if I had all three buttons Cranberry, it would have been too overpowering.  That's why I changed the colors of the other two buttons.  The Honey one helped with the triangular look and the Outdoor just looked right.  Don't be afraid to experiment as you create!

Something else I'd like to point out is the stitching along the curves of the Outdoor Denim.  You can see it well in this picture -- look under "Destination".  Stitching can be added but doesn't have to be.

The flag cluster was added after I received my layout -- they are Tommy Assortment -- therefore I didn't have a choice of color, so my other color choices were based on that cluster (I knew I wanted to add the cluster while I was putting together the layout).

The final technique I wanted to share with you for this layout is with the under the flap picture.

The layout came with three photo wells at the bottom of the layout.  I wanted to showcase the interaction of the cousins with Grandma more, so I wanted a larger picture.  To achieve this, I dropped the same picture into both photo wells and enlarged them to the desired size.  Then, I moved the pictures in the wells so that they overlapped.  Whalaa -- you have one large picture!

The flaps (there are two 3"x3" ones) were added once I got the layout back.  Those pictures were slipped into the flaps which were then adhered to the layout.

Nice?  Nice!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Studio J Layouts from Disney Cruise

I realize I haven't posted many layouts.  I do scrapbook!  Here is a layout that I created from our family cruise last year.

My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by taking the families on a Disney Cruise to Alaska!  Bummer for me, I had to go (lol)!!

The top picture is the left page of the two page spread.  The middle picture is the right page as you first view it.  The bottom picture is the right page with a flap revealed which includes my journaling and another picture.

This layout came from Studio J.  But I went a little beyond that.  On the title page, I added the accents from Tommy just above the "L" of Alaska.  I also added opaque pearls to the letter "L" and "A".  And I carried the pearls to the right page among the buttons (which are part of the Studio J layout).

You can see how beautiful the weather was.  It stayed beautiful for the whole week!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Big Picture Pajama Party - 7/31/13

Are you ready to learn how to make a two page layout with Close to my Heart's newest Cricut Cartridge Artbooking?!  Join Stacy Julian from Big Picture Classes and guests Wednesday July 31st at 5:00pm to learn more about the new cartridge and see how easy it is to put together a layout.

Registration is FREE and will give you access to the achieved episodes.  Once you purchase your Artbooking Cricut Cartridge, you'll be able to create this particular layout!

The best thing, I think, is that you will be able to watch without the distraction of keeping up.  Don't worry, I'll be watching too, and I'll be here to help if you need it once you get your cartridge.  Do you want to 50% off Artbooking?  Let's set up a gathering where you can get 50% any item when your gathering subtotals $250 or more.

Action items:
  • Register for FREE
  • Watch July 31st at 5pm how to make a layout
  • Email me to set up gathering where you can pay 50% less for this awesome new Cricut cartridge
  • Order Artbooking Cricut Cartridge (you could skip the above bullet point if you just can't wait (lol) and order directly from my website)
  • Start creating layouts and other mini albums, and lots of other things

Check back here where there will be more samples of the new cartridge as well as Artiste and Art Philosophy!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 CTMH Convention Roomie Gifts

I gave potted flowers for my roommate gifts this year.  I had been inspired by something similar when I was at a physical therapy appointment.

Okay, the coloring isn't the greatest because the paper I used was from Dream Pop.  Bright pinks and yellows!

Everything came from the Cricut cartridges Art Philosophy and Artiste.  The candies are Rolos, Hershey Milk Chocolate kisses, and Hershey Cookies 'n' Cream kisses.

There are two "types" of flowers.  The Kisses flowers are the same but with different paper.
It looks like I goofed and didn't write the cut sizes in my notes so I'm going to guess - you will want to verify for yourself though -- sorry about that!

Kiss flowers: from Art Philosophy
Inner flower: <flower1><shift> or Column 1 Row 1 (= C1R1) <shift> at 1.75" (pg 21)
Middle Flower: <flower7><shift> or C9R2 <shift> at 2" (pg 39)
Outer Flower: <flower6><shift> or C9R1 <shift> at 2.25" (pg 29)
Leaves: <leaf1><shift> or C2R5 <shift> at 3.5" (pg 62)

I colored skewers Juniper (leaves were cut from Juniper paper) and then glued the leaves around the skewer with liquid glass.  The flowers were glued together and then glued with liquid glass to the top of the skewer.  I held the skewer until set.  The following day I glue dotted the candy on.

Rolo flowers: from Art Philosophy
both are the same shape - <flower3><shift> or C7R4 <shift> at 1.5" and 2" (pg 57)
stem: <flower3><LAYER><shift> or C7R4 <layer><shift> at 3.5" (pg 57)

These skewers were colored Sweet Leaf to match the paper.  The flower and stem were glued on with liquid glass, and then the Rolos were added the next day.

Flower Pot: from Artiste
<f><3D Object> or C4R3<3D Object> at 6.25" (pg 54)

Other items:
I've already mentioned the skewers.  Mine were 8" long thaen cut in half.  Modify yours as you see fit.  I grabbed some florist green blocks that I cut down to size for the pot, then glued some brown crimped paper to the top of the block.  Insert skewers.

I don't recommend traveling with this project.  They weren't as pretty as pictured here, and were a little tattered.  I had taken them apart for the flight and assembled them at the hotel.  It wasn't my problem as to how my roomies got them home!  ;-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hook and Loop Dots

For the longest time I would buy hook and loop strips and cut them down to close the projects I wanted to be able to open and close.

I no longer have to do that with Close to my Heart's Hook and Loop Dots.  I also no longer have to clean the glue off of my scissors -- an added bonus!

Here's a quick video demonstration (and great scrapbooking idea) of the hook and loop.

Of course there are always other ways to place your dots.  At the end of the demonstration, Brian placed a dot on one side of the folder and eyeballed the placement of the second half.  Instead, place the second dot on TOP of the first such that the hook and loop are together.  Then close the folder and push to adhere the second dot to the proper position!  Quick and easy!  That's how projects should be!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thank You, Benny

There comes a day in every dog owner's life for a tough decision.  Today, my sister had to make one -- the right one -- for her dog of 10+ years, Benny.

Give your dog, any pet... give your child(ren)... your spouse, significant other... your friend... a hug and tell them how much they mean to you.

Benny will live on with all of us, because we'll talk about him and his antics for many many years to come.

Thank you, Benny, for sharing your life with me.  :)
Benny with Belle 2006

Benny with Lindsey 2003

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Tool That Makes Stamps Clean

I don't know about you, but I like  my stamps clean every time I use them.  One of Close to my Heart's overlooked tool is the Stamp Scrubber.  In this video, see how easy it is to use it.

You can also spray the scrubber with the cleaner if you'd prefer that to spraying the stamp directly.  Another thing that isn't mentioned in the video is the size of the scrubber.  Did you see how small it is?!  I love the fact that it's compact size means I can pack more fun accessories when I pack to play with my friends. :-)