Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 CTMH Convention Roomie Gifts

I gave potted flowers for my roommate gifts this year.  I had been inspired by something similar when I was at a physical therapy appointment.

Okay, the coloring isn't the greatest because the paper I used was from Dream Pop.  Bright pinks and yellows!

Everything came from the Cricut cartridges Art Philosophy and Artiste.  The candies are Rolos, Hershey Milk Chocolate kisses, and Hershey Cookies 'n' Cream kisses.

There are two "types" of flowers.  The Kisses flowers are the same but with different paper.
It looks like I goofed and didn't write the cut sizes in my notes so I'm going to guess - you will want to verify for yourself though -- sorry about that!

Kiss flowers: from Art Philosophy
Inner flower: <flower1><shift> or Column 1 Row 1 (= C1R1) <shift> at 1.75" (pg 21)
Middle Flower: <flower7><shift> or C9R2 <shift> at 2" (pg 39)
Outer Flower: <flower6><shift> or C9R1 <shift> at 2.25" (pg 29)
Leaves: <leaf1><shift> or C2R5 <shift> at 3.5" (pg 62)

I colored skewers Juniper (leaves were cut from Juniper paper) and then glued the leaves around the skewer with liquid glass.  The flowers were glued together and then glued with liquid glass to the top of the skewer.  I held the skewer until set.  The following day I glue dotted the candy on.

Rolo flowers: from Art Philosophy
both are the same shape - <flower3><shift> or C7R4 <shift> at 1.5" and 2" (pg 57)
stem: <flower3><LAYER><shift> or C7R4 <layer><shift> at 3.5" (pg 57)

These skewers were colored Sweet Leaf to match the paper.  The flower and stem were glued on with liquid glass, and then the Rolos were added the next day.

Flower Pot: from Artiste
<f><3D Object> or C4R3<3D Object> at 6.25" (pg 54)

Other items:
I've already mentioned the skewers.  Mine were 8" long thaen cut in half.  Modify yours as you see fit.  I grabbed some florist green blocks that I cut down to size for the pot, then glued some brown crimped paper to the top of the block.  Insert skewers.

I don't recommend traveling with this project.  They weren't as pretty as pictured here, and were a little tattered.  I had taken them apart for the flight and assembled them at the hotel.  It wasn't my problem as to how my roomies got them home!  ;-)

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