Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hook and Loop Dots

For the longest time I would buy hook and loop strips and cut them down to close the projects I wanted to be able to open and close.

I no longer have to do that with Close to my Heart's Hook and Loop Dots.  I also no longer have to clean the glue off of my scissors -- an added bonus!

Here's a quick video demonstration (and great scrapbooking idea) of the hook and loop.

Of course there are always other ways to place your dots.  At the end of the demonstration, Brian placed a dot on one side of the folder and eyeballed the placement of the second half.  Instead, place the second dot on TOP of the first such that the hook and loop are together.  Then close the folder and push to adhere the second dot to the proper position!  Quick and easy!  That's how projects should be!

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