Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Simple February Stamp of the Month Card Sample

February 2014's stamp of the month (SOTM) can be dressed up or down.  In this sample I've made a very simple card.

 Here are the images for the stamp set.  In my sample above, I took the small heart and randomly stamped the top of my card.  In fact, this card is "Lucky Layers" (although modified) from Originals how-to program.  The paper is from Skylark.  The inks used are Sweet Leaf, Chocolate, and Cranberry.  This card can be sent to a friend or spouse.

Here are a few more samples from Corporate.  Most of us know the saying "Wild thing, I think I love you" from the movie Major League!  "Wild Thing" is a great stamp to set you up for that saying as demonstrated in the picture layout.  It can also be used with the kids, because we all know they can be wild at times!

Same rules apply... this stamp set is only available until February 28th, 2014.  You can purchase it at the regular retail of $17.95 or it will be yours for $5 when you purchase subtotals to $50.  You shouldn't have any problem finding $50 to spend on this new Spring/Summer idea book.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Layouts of Love

This being the last day of my Olympic feat of posting everyday of the 2014 Winter Olympics, I've pushed hard and will leave you with this...

My girlfriend asked me to make an album to commemorate her mother's 80th birthday party in February of 2012.  Mom likes subdued colors without a lot of flash or fanfare.  I knew just the paper to use (Simple Pleasures is retired now)!

All of the layouts came from Reflections, Cherish, and Imagine How-to programs.

The front cover included the invitation and a poem my girlfriend wrote.

Reflections "Main Frame - Quarter Circle" found on page 53.

Imagine - "Perfect Prelude" (page 26).  The left page has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

Imagine - "Three Part Harmony" with the right page rotated 90 degrees clockwise.  This two page layout can be found on page 44.

Cherish - "Kept in Proportion"  with the two pages swapped.  This pattern can be found on page 44.

Cherish - "Simple Contrast" with the left page rotated 90 degrees clockwise.  This pattern is on page 28.

Reflections - The left page is "Title Topper - Heading" (pg 17) rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.  The right page is "Triple Play - Three is the Charm" on page 96.

This combination is also from Reflections.  The left page is "Front & Center - in the Middle" (pg 76) while the right side is "Front & Center - Basic" (pg 78).

Reflections is once again utilized with the left page as "Main Frame - Tied Together" (pg 55) and the right page "Front & Center - Center Stage" found on page 75.  The pictures were longer so I modified the measurements to accommodate those pictures.

Left page is Reflections "Quartet - Jigsaw" (pg113) with "Triple Play - Offset" (pg 98) on the right.

Left page is Reflections "Half & Half - Balanced" modified (pg 89) with "Treasure Pocket - Basic" (pg 118).

Reflections " Main Frame - Back Drop" (pg 58)

The final page includes a copy of Mom's painting, and another quote from my friend.

Bernice finally lost the battle with ALS muscular dystrophy on 3/31/13.  She will be missed but always remembered as a wonderful woman and mother!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Base and Bling How-to Video

Today I want to share with you a video showing you how easy the Base and Bling necklaces can be made.  Kristine does a good job walking you through the simple steps.  Then she shows you how you can present your newest creation to a friend.

As Kristine said, the Cricut cut you'll want to make is on the Artiste Cartridge on page 57.  You'll cut the paper at 2.5" Real Dial Size.  The correct key is <card> 7th column, 3rd row (the <j> key).

If you noticed in the video when Kristine put the necklace "into" the holder, the bottom tab isn't utilized.  When you use the Cricut Craft Room to cut the image out, you can eliminate that tab.  Let me explain:
In the Craft Room, place the image onto the mat.  At the bottom left corner you'll see a green box that says "Hide Contour".  Click on that.  Once the window opens, you'll click on the two bottom tabs that create the slit.  The cut that will be eliminated turns red before you click on it.  Finally, hit the "exit" button.  You'll now notice that the bottom tab is gone!

Don't want to go through those steps or Craft Room?  You have a couple more options for the necklace holder that doesn't have the bottom tab.  The first one would be perfect as a thank you because it says "thanks" across the top! "Thanks" is found on page 65 and can be found on the <b> key; <card>C5R4.
Another flap card is found on page 53 and has a little flourish at the top of the card.  That one is the <d> key; <card>3rd column 3rd row (C3R3).

I've got one more suggestion for you, so you don't have to wrestle with the chain.  I suggest the envelope card found on page 67 of the Artiste cartridge.  That is found on the <M> key; <card><shift> C7R4.  Cut the top slits (as in the video) to hold the chain and stash the chain into the envelope created when you fold the flaps inward.

However you present your homemade necklace, your recipient will love it (even if it's for yourself)!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Timberline Workshop on the Go

Since we had a trip planned to North Lake Tahoe, I thought the Timberline WOTG would be an appropriate layout -- road trip and no snow.  So here it is ready for pictures!

There were two tricky parts to this layout.  One was making sure my Cricut was set to Real Dial Size.  And the other was remembering that the pictures and background and texture (B&T) paper are moved slightly above the bottom of the center section.  (there is a different B&T paper just above the "s, oo, es," etc of "dsdoodles.blogspot.com".  I had to pull the papers up and reposition them because of that mistake!

Anyway, I like this workshop because we are exploring our world.  Since there is no snow, we are planning other activities instead of just skiing.  It'll also be great family-time.  : )

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This Mouse Got to Play!

I finally got some time to play with the new papers.  I would have had two more cards completed if I had remembered my Black or Outdoor Denim stamp pads.  Oh well, you'll just have to wait.  : )

There are 5 of the 7 paper packs represented above.  Do you see anything familiar?  How about something you haven't seen yet?  I'll be breaking down these cards, so stay tuned.  : )

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cookie Cards

Southern Californians know that we are in the middle of Girl Scout Cookie Sales.  Even "worse", we're in the middle of booth sales which means there are girls in front of most grocery stores (in San Diego the last booth sale is March 8th, and cookies are gone March 15th).  Lindsey, as a Cadette (6th grader), has lost the "Oh, how cute!  Of course we'll buy cookies from you!" factor.  To compensate and help drive our booth sales of February 13th and 14th,  we marketed Valentine's Day.  To help entice customers to buy cookies for the day, Lindsey and I made these three 3"  x 3" cards.

Old papers and old stamps, but cute!  These three styles come from Originals How-to Program.  The "Love" card was the most popular.

Update the paper and stamps:  I'll try the Oodles of Doodles (B1449) for the sayings and Owls (B1450) for the older stamps.  Now it's your turn!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Base and Bling expanded offerings

Close to my Heart's Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book has expanded the Base and Bling collection.  There are is a larger selection of items to add to your jewelry, and in just minutes.  Kristine and Monica explain a little better than me.

Here is a photo of just some of the accessories you can get for the next 6 months.

Don't forget, though, that the accessories can be used on scrapbook pages, cards, and any paper craft project you've got in mind!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Keeping with a Tradition

When you live day to day with your children, how do you separate day to day, and year to year.  Ever since my girls turned one, I've taken a print of their hand and foot.  Of course as they got older, they got to chose the color(s) of those prints.  And we started documenting their favorites.  Those were snapshots in time, as are the prints, but it's awesome to compare year to year.  We also get a picture with one particular stuffed animal to visually show how they've changed (I'll save that for another day).

Amber's invitation and thank you is included on this layout.  A few days ago I mentioned putting those cards on the card holder page.  Well, I can't do the same thing every year! : )

I also like to have the girls write their name on the prints page.  It's fun to see the penmanship through the years too.  Displaying the favorites list changes from layout to layout, but is always there.  My hope is that the girls will show their children what was going on in their life as a kid so their children can see life isn't much different.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Gift for a Young Girl

Today's entry is about a young girl in your life;  a friend's daughter, niece, or granddaughter.  If she enjoys dressing dolls, this will be a perfect gift for her.  It doesn't take a lot of space and it's portable.   What am I talking about?  You creating a magnetic doll and clothes complete with container!  It's simple.
Paper Doll (D1547) is the ideal stamp set to use for this.  As you can see, you get a girl, three outfits,, a hat, headband, and some accessories (there are a total of 12 stamps).  I stamped the shorts outfit more than once and cut out just the purse for some additional choices.
As you can see, I stamped the hat several times too.  I wanted hats to match the outfits the girls could wear.  Below is a further closeup of the clothes.  I colored the girls and the clothes with our Watercolor Pencils after stamping on White Daisy cardstock.
Once I colored everything I ran the paper through a Xyron magnetic/laminate cassette.  Then I cut everything out.  When you look at the stamp set, you'll see the outfits have tabs (to fold over the girl -- you remember yours growing up?!).  Since mine were magnets, I cut the tabs off.
In this last picture you see some background scenes.  Those I found online, printed out, and threw them through the Xyron too.   The last thing I did was paint a little metal lunch box to put everything in.  Both the scenes and girls fit on the outside of the box, and it's ready to travel in the car, in the living room, or the yard.

When you give this gift, your special girl will entertain herself while using her imagination.

Another example is the one in the Spring/Summer 2014 idea book on page 104.  There you'll find a similar idea with just paper.   Of course, Corporate took it a little further with the tree, table, and fence.  Either way you go, you'll receive an enthusiastic "THANK  YOU" from your special girl.  : )

Saturday, February 15, 2014

In the Spirit of Things

Last Sunday my family played host to two Argentinian girls.  Nati and Kimmey were a pleasure to get to know.  Yes, it was coincident that the Olympics are on the same time we hosted the girls.  They are exchange students through the American Field Service.  It's the first time I've had the opportunity to give back to the organization that allowed me to go to Germany for two summer months back in 1985.

Neither of the girls had ever played golf before so they tried their hand at putting.  Both improved quickly!  : )

Kimmey and Nati with my girls

On March 2, 2014, we'll be hosting two more students from the same group of kids.  They will have been here for 6 weeks taking English classes at UCSD and playing tourists.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine Jello Cups

Happy Valentine's Day!  Or as my sister puts it, Single Awareness Day (can you guess she's single?).

Most people have on their bucket list items big and bold such as skydiving, scuba diving, or more adventurous, bungee jumping.  I am NOT one of those people.  Me, I've wanted to make these desserts for years.  I printed the instructions from Kraft Foods website with the best intentions about 5 years ago, but I've never made them... until now!

Here is the finished product!  Of course in the picture with the instructions there is only supposed to be two layers, but mine (of course) didn't work out that way.

To start the process you have to pipe a chocolate heart on the inside of the cup.  It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be at first.  The left cup was the first one I did.  I tried to see what I was drawing through the oopening of the cup.  I started at the top of the heart and curved to the bottom.  Then I restarted at the top and curved in the opposite direction to the bottom.  My biggest problem - my hand was in the way and I couldn't see!

Then I thought, "what if I start at the bottom of the heart and worked my way up?!"  I tried this and got the middle cup as a result.  Better, but not great.  Again, my hand was in my line of sight.

Light bulb moment came next!  Let me try to look through the cup to the other side.  And what happens if I start at the bottom point and draw one continuous line?  Whoa la!!  That worked, even if the image was slightly warped by looking through the cup.  Thirty one more hearts to draw.

Back to the three layers...  So, I'm not sure why the whipped cream separated from the jello.  And honestly, I don't care.  I will probably finish these cups off with a dollop of whipped cream and the kids can enjoy them!  I'm hoping someone won't want his so I can try.  : )

PS. Heather, you could do the same thing with shamrocks instead of hearts and green Jello for your favorite St. Patrick's Day Holiday.

How will you modify yours?!

Oh, yes... best of all, CHECK for my bucket list!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Embossing Knowledge with CTMH's new Embossing Envelopes

In today's video, Jill shares with us some neat features of our new Embossing folders and some techniques when embossing.  I now understand why sometimes my embossed image isn't as crisp as I'd like -- I embossed against the grain!

The examples Jill shared with us at the end of video did not show details really well. However, several of these examples are in the Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book.  Let me tell you where those samples can be found:

The Happy Layout:I thought this was in there, but I can't find it.  : (
Big Ideas Kraft Album: page 130 (and that's where the 5 folders are located)
The owl card: page 57.  And the middle card on that page is also embossed with the chevron folder
Cute chevron stamped card can't be found in the book either.  Waah.
Hello Hello Hello card: page 95 (at the top -- it took me twice to find it!)

In my search for the video samples, I came upon more great samples of embossing folders not shown in the video, but are in the idea book:
"One of a Kind" Pennant Frame on page 39
"Thanks You're..." card on page 65 (with the Art Philosophy Collection)
"G'day" card on page 90
"Friends Forever" card on page 91
"The Celebrate Love" card on 99 is an Artbooking Cartridge cut - nice try, though  : ) 
"Bee Happy" and "Oh happy day" cards on page 120

I just got two folders  the other day, and am looking forward to working with them next week.  I'll keep you posted!  Go look at the samples and imagine what you can create with your folders!

Alright, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Close to my Heart is giving a FREE embossing folder with every two cardstock bundles you buy.  And there is no limit.  So if you need a refill on cardstock, buy two through February 28, 2014 and get your choice of embossing folder!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scrapbook Birthday Card Holders

I have a confession to make.  I am a pseudo hoarder.  At least with some things.  I like to keep cards I receive.  I don't know what I'll do with them -- more realistically, what my kids will do with them.  : )

I've started my girls off well, though, by keeping their birthday cards in their birthday photo albums.  One day they'll be able to show their children what cards used to look like in the olden days of paper.  And if they are still friends with some of the givers, they can both laugh at the handwriting. Who knows, the handwriting in the card may be better than currently!

These pockets are simple.  They are Treasure Pockets- Basic from Reflections.  The sides and the bottom of the pocket are glued to the Outdoor Denim base.  This is Lindsey's 5th birthday party when Snow White was able to join us.

I've attached the invitation and the thank you to the front of the pocket.  For the thank you, everyone got this picture and Lindsey wrote here message on the back.  Okay, I wrote the message and Lindsey signed it.  No, actually, I think Lindsey wrote the note too (I'm getting old and I can't remember)!

This pocket was put together with silver brads and sassy strand (long ago).  You can see the cards poking out above the pocket.  Another page holds her invitation and thank you.

It's made from two sheets of Background and Texture paper -- when the sheets were thin.  But since the page stays in a page protector, it's not a problem.

So don't be afraid to keep your items!  It's a matter of putting them in a logical place.  For the birthday cards while the girls are still having birthday parties, they'll get their own special pocket each year.  What the girls will do with them, who knows?  But while I'm still around, they're keeping them!  : )

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Embellishing Burlap Bags

An overlooked item in our Close to my Heart idea book are the burlap bags.  These can be used for treats, invitations, or small gifts to a neighbor, teacher, or co-worker.  Carly is back to show us how simple it is to dress these bags up.

I know, the upside down visual was an oopsie!  But did you see how nice the bags can look?!  Carly mentioned our alcohol markers, but you can also use our pigment ink too (and that's a great choice for stamping directly onto the burlap).

Made from Scratch (C1582) found on page 45 of the Spring/Summer 2014 idea book would be a great selection to stamp directly onto the burlap.

I know you were thinking, "invitations?!" when you read the opening statement.  How cute would it be if you're having a BBQ themed party or family reunion to use the bags as an invitation?   You could stamp Fancy Fair (B1440) - page 44 - onto the bag and include the invite with some bandana inside the bag.  Better yet, accent the bag with the Jubilee Textiles (Z1971) (as shown on page 45). 

Oh, my brain is starting to hurt from the possibilities!

Monday, February 10, 2014

3 Dimensional Owl Sample

I told you I was going for the owl on page 86 of Artbooking Cricut Cartridge, didn't I?!

Here are all of the pieces cut out that I will need for my project.  The owl bases are Saddle cardstock.  The owl overlay is Balloon Ride B&T from the paper packet; the eyes are the reverse side.  The tree and branch is from Kraft paper, the leaves are Juniper, and the saying is Sorbet.

Before I go on, I have to confess that I used Cricut Craft Room to cut these pieces out.  As much as I love my Artbooking cartridge, it gives me grief sometimes when it comes to real dial size and proportional sizing.  In this case, I couldn't get it to cut my owls at 3.5".

Once all these pieces were cut out, I sponged the owl body pieces with Saddle ink, leaves with Juniper, the tree and branch with Desert Sand, the saying with Sorbet, and the eyes with Crystal Blue.

Let me show you the finished project, and then I'll get back to more details.

Before I glued the tree to our 6" x 6" canvas, I sponged that area with Desert Sand.  I wanted to have the tree look like one.  : )

The overlay tree is cut at 6" x 2", and is found on page 66 of the booklet (Column 10, Row 3; <Overlay ><shift>).

The branch (page 85) is glued under the overlay tree.

In the Craft Room, the branch was shorter than I'd like, but I wanted to keep the size of the leaves and limb.  Because I was in the Craft Room, I was able to stretch the leaves out without making the limb wider.  I put the leaves on another layer of my project so I was able to stretch  those to match the base leaves in size.

To achieve the 3D look, I scored and folded the owl inward.  I glued the two dimensional pieces together along the seam with liquid glass.  Then I glued the edges of that piece to the base piece -- just like the video showed you.

Let me tell you how I got to the finished owl.  After I glued the background and textured paper to the front (again, I made sure the sizes matched in the Craft Room by having both pieces on separate layers), the nose, eyes, and stomach were open.  Of course I didn't want that!

I flipped each owl over and punched two Colonial White 1.25" circles (from our fabulous circle punch) and glued them on.  Then I cut some Glitter paper (light brown) - 1.5" x 1.5" piece fit nicely - and glued that onto the back.  The glitter paper doesn't like to adhere with regular adhesive, so I took out and used my handy dandy Liquid Glass!  No problems sticking anymore.

I really like the way this project turned out.  My sister commented to me how neat it was to have the owl looking at her from the other side of the room!

All Supplies CTMH (go shop now):
Z1818     My Creations 6"x6" Canvas Display
Z1375     Kraft Cardstock
Z1830     Glitter Paper - Brown & Town
X7180B  Balloon Ride Paper Packet
X5752     Juniper Cardstock
X5751     Sorbet Cardstock
Z2171     Saddle Stamp Pad
Z2118     Desert Sand Stamp Pad
Z2165     Juniper Stamp Pad
Z2164     Sorbet Stamp Pad
Z679       Liquid Glass
Z726       Sponge Daubers
Z1311     1 1/4" Circle Punch
Z1151     3-D Foam Tape
Z1836     Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors (for cutting 3-D Foam tape -- awesome because there is no residual)
Z1906     Cricut Artbooking Collection
X5936    Whimsy Cardstock Combo Pack contains Juniper and Sorbet

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Burlap or Ribbon Card Swap - the Others

It's really great to swap with a bunch of talented ladies.  Each has her own style!  Yesterday I showed you my card, and today I'd like to show you what I received.  The cards are from (in particular order) Kassie Napoleon, Danielle Caldwell, JoAnn Dahl, Maree Nickel, Tina Jacobson, Stacy Jensen, and Kelly King.

The above three cards used burlap.  The top two used it under the ribbon and embossed cardstock.  Sorry, I don't know what cartridge the "love" was cut from.  Oops, the tag on the left card should have been hanging down below the button.  The bottom card used the burlap as a flower accent.  The leaves are dry embossed and there are several opaques randomly placed on the card.

The top two cards utilized fabric.  The hexagons are all different fabric and then machine stitched onto the card top.  The musical notes is a fabric as are the Mickey ears on the top right card.  The bottom card is just fun!

The inside of the cookie card.

Our next challenge is to create a sympathy, thinking of you, or get well card.  I can't wait to create!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Burlap or Ribbon Swap - My Creation

I don't remember if I've told you that I belong to a group of card swappers. We meet every other month and have a challenge (but we don't have to) for the card.  This month's challenge was to use either burlap or fabric on the card.

Sometimes I can see my card clearly -- this was one of those times.  I had to look around my craft room for Twitterpated paper and my owl set, but I found them!  My card with it's Cricut envelope:

I used the burlap as my accent piece behind the owl. The Artbooking Cricut Cartridge was used to cut the branch and leaves.  Old fashion cutting got the Chocolate owl off the page.  I did stamp the owls stomach on another piece of paper in Champagne, cut it out, and sponged it with Chocolate.  I then glued it to the owl.  And notice the eyes?  I added some Cocoa Opaques!

I really liked this card so I made a couple more.  However, I ran out of trunk paper so I substituted the lined paper instead.  Still like it a lot!  By the way, the striped paper is narrower than the trunk paper.  I was going to use it originally for a standard card but went with the trunk paper on a 5"x5" card instead.

Increasing the card size put me out of the standard card sized envelope too.  That's okay because I have the Artiste Cricut Cartridge to rescue me.  : )  I sized this non-traditional envelope at 5.5" to accommodate the branch and leaves extending past the card face.  The envelope can be found on page 43 of the booklet, and under the 3D Object (key in the 3rd column, 2nd row).

If you don't have an owl stamp, and you do have the Artbooking Cartridge, then you can use the owl on page 84 or page 85.  If you don't have Artbooking, you should!  : )

Friday, February 7, 2014

Making 3D items using Cricut cutouts

Carly from Close to my Heart shows you how easy it can be to go from flat to fabulous!  Take a gander.

Why not surprise your loved ones with some heart garland.  Valentine's day too soon?  What about some flowers for Spring?  Or my friend Heather's favorite holiday - St. Patrick's Day.  You can even get super fancy and weld 3 hearts in Cricut Craft Room to make shamrocks

Look through your Cricut booklets to see all of the possibilities!  Some suggestions include:

Art Philosophy cartridge has lots of flowers, hearts, a couple of birds and butterflies, and a cupcake for a birthday.

Artiste has... well, Artiste is mostly 3D items anyway.  But it also has more hearts, cupcake, and a balloon.

Artbooking even has images you can create 3 dimensional elements from.  I'm going for the owl on page 85!  Look for that post coming soon.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let the 2014 Games Begin!

I'm undergoing my own Olympics for the next 18 days -- I'll be posting everyday!  Since today also coincides with my birthday, I thought I'd share with you a card that befits me ;)

This Sweet as a Cupcake card uses a modified Wishes "Windswept" template.  The original is a 5" x 7" card that I shrunk to a standard card of 4.25" x 5.5".

I stamped the Paper Girl in Black ink and colored her with pencils.  Pemberly paper could be replaced with Ariana and the brads in the upper left corner with Blue Epoxy Bubbles.  Change up the colors completely with any of the papers and coordinating accessories!

Just have fun with it!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Artbooking Made Easy: Elegant Mini Albums

Elegant is right!  Today's video features images found on pages 47 and 48 of the Artbooking Cartridge booklet.

For the "Cherish Love" mini album, the majority were cut at proportional size of 11".  Those exceptions were "special" cut at 2"; the purple background cut at 7"; "always and forever" cut at 2.5"; and "LOVE" from the front was cut using the Artiste cartridge.  While Kristine doesn't say the size of "love", I would put it at about 2".

The smaller 8" "Special" album was cut at the proportional size of 8".  There were three cuts that were cut at 10" proportional size (meaning the real dial size was not on/used) - the front cover "special", the sweet leaf border, and the word "absolutely".

I like the fact the video shows two ways these Cricut keys can be used.  You may not have engagement pictures that need scrapping.  You could highlight a special cat, or friends, or even an obsession!  What a great gift those would be!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book is HERE!!

There is so much fun new stuff in here, it can be called overwhelming!!!  However, it will be the best "reading" material for the next several months.  Are you ready to hear what's new in it?!

  • Of course another 6 months of exclusive Stamp of the Months; each available for only one month!
  • 6 new and fun hostess rewards stamp sets!  Host a gathering of $150 or more and purchase these stamp sets at reduced prices (hint: you can be your own hostess, but it's more fun to hang with friends).
  • 7 colorful paper packets with coordinating accessories.  Think spring and summer for colors!  Each paper packet has a scrapbooking workshop on the go kit at a reduced price.
  • 2 cardmaking workshop on the go kits

  • Picture my Life Scrapbooking Program!  If traditional or digital scrapbooking still intimidates you, try out this cool program.  You'll  only need to add pictures (okay, you may want to trim some down to 3"x4", but it's not necessary).  There are 8 designs to choose from!

  • More Base and Bling choices! Chains, glass covers, style sheets, and charms, oh my!

    • Textiles (fabrics) to coordinate with Skylark and Jubilee paper packs.  But they coordinate with more than just those two.
    • More mini stamps, and of course, lots of new stamp sets.  And don't forget about several new sets from Jeanette's stamp archives
    • Of course, accessories have been added -- bubbles in black and grey, triangle studs, shimmer trim, washi tape, and paper fundamentals (pg 126), to name a few
    • Journaling card box, pennant frame
    • 5 little ol' EMBOSSING FOLDERS!!!  They're actually 5" x 7" folders so they're not too little
    • New albums (target availability: March 1st), and finally,
    • New page protector designs and orientations

    Whew, my hands hurt from all of that typing!  I trust you see how excited I am for our new Spring/Summer 2014 idea book!  You can take a gander at it RIGHT NOW to see all of the wonderful items!

    Let me know when you want to host your gathering!