Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Gift for a Young Girl

Today's entry is about a young girl in your life;  a friend's daughter, niece, or granddaughter.  If she enjoys dressing dolls, this will be a perfect gift for her.  It doesn't take a lot of space and it's portable.   What am I talking about?  You creating a magnetic doll and clothes complete with container!  It's simple.
Paper Doll (D1547) is the ideal stamp set to use for this.  As you can see, you get a girl, three outfits,, a hat, headband, and some accessories (there are a total of 12 stamps).  I stamped the shorts outfit more than once and cut out just the purse for some additional choices.
As you can see, I stamped the hat several times too.  I wanted hats to match the outfits the girls could wear.  Below is a further closeup of the clothes.  I colored the girls and the clothes with our Watercolor Pencils after stamping on White Daisy cardstock.
Once I colored everything I ran the paper through a Xyron magnetic/laminate cassette.  Then I cut everything out.  When you look at the stamp set, you'll see the outfits have tabs (to fold over the girl -- you remember yours growing up?!).  Since mine were magnets, I cut the tabs off.
In this last picture you see some background scenes.  Those I found online, printed out, and threw them through the Xyron too.   The last thing I did was paint a little metal lunch box to put everything in.  Both the scenes and girls fit on the outside of the box, and it's ready to travel in the car, in the living room, or the yard.

When you give this gift, your special girl will entertain herself while using her imagination.

Another example is the one in the Spring/Summer 2014 idea book on page 104.  There you'll find a similar idea with just paper.   Of course, Corporate took it a little further with the tree, table, and fence.  Either way you go, you'll receive an enthusiastic "THANK  YOU" from your special girl.  : )

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