Saturday, February 22, 2014

Base and Bling How-to Video

Today I want to share with you a video showing you how easy the Base and Bling necklaces can be made.  Kristine does a good job walking you through the simple steps.  Then she shows you how you can present your newest creation to a friend.

As Kristine said, the Cricut cut you'll want to make is on the Artiste Cartridge on page 57.  You'll cut the paper at 2.5" Real Dial Size.  The correct key is <card> 7th column, 3rd row (the <j> key).

If you noticed in the video when Kristine put the necklace "into" the holder, the bottom tab isn't utilized.  When you use the Cricut Craft Room to cut the image out, you can eliminate that tab.  Let me explain:
In the Craft Room, place the image onto the mat.  At the bottom left corner you'll see a green box that says "Hide Contour".  Click on that.  Once the window opens, you'll click on the two bottom tabs that create the slit.  The cut that will be eliminated turns red before you click on it.  Finally, hit the "exit" button.  You'll now notice that the bottom tab is gone!

Don't want to go through those steps or Craft Room?  You have a couple more options for the necklace holder that doesn't have the bottom tab.  The first one would be perfect as a thank you because it says "thanks" across the top! "Thanks" is found on page 65 and can be found on the <b> key; <card>C5R4.
Another flap card is found on page 53 and has a little flourish at the top of the card.  That one is the <d> key; <card>3rd column 3rd row (C3R3).

I've got one more suggestion for you, so you don't have to wrestle with the chain.  I suggest the envelope card found on page 67 of the Artiste cartridge.  That is found on the <M> key; <card><shift> C7R4.  Cut the top slits (as in the video) to hold the chain and stash the chain into the envelope created when you fold the flaps inward.

However you present your homemade necklace, your recipient will love it (even if it's for yourself)!!

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