Sunday, February 23, 2014

Layouts of Love

This being the last day of my Olympic feat of posting everyday of the 2014 Winter Olympics, I've pushed hard and will leave you with this...

My girlfriend asked me to make an album to commemorate her mother's 80th birthday party in February of 2012.  Mom likes subdued colors without a lot of flash or fanfare.  I knew just the paper to use (Simple Pleasures is retired now)!

All of the layouts came from Reflections, Cherish, and Imagine How-to programs.

The front cover included the invitation and a poem my girlfriend wrote.

Reflections "Main Frame - Quarter Circle" found on page 53.

Imagine - "Perfect Prelude" (page 26).  The left page has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

Imagine - "Three Part Harmony" with the right page rotated 90 degrees clockwise.  This two page layout can be found on page 44.

Cherish - "Kept in Proportion"  with the two pages swapped.  This pattern can be found on page 44.

Cherish - "Simple Contrast" with the left page rotated 90 degrees clockwise.  This pattern is on page 28.

Reflections - The left page is "Title Topper - Heading" (pg 17) rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.  The right page is "Triple Play - Three is the Charm" on page 96.

This combination is also from Reflections.  The left page is "Front & Center - in the Middle" (pg 76) while the right side is "Front & Center - Basic" (pg 78).

Reflections is once again utilized with the left page as "Main Frame - Tied Together" (pg 55) and the right page "Front & Center - Center Stage" found on page 75.  The pictures were longer so I modified the measurements to accommodate those pictures.

Left page is Reflections "Quartet - Jigsaw" (pg113) with "Triple Play - Offset" (pg 98) on the right.

Left page is Reflections "Half & Half - Balanced" modified (pg 89) with "Treasure Pocket - Basic" (pg 118).

Reflections " Main Frame - Back Drop" (pg 58)

The final page includes a copy of Mom's painting, and another quote from my friend.

Bernice finally lost the battle with ALS muscular dystrophy on 3/31/13.  She will be missed but always remembered as a wonderful woman and mother!

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