Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scrapbook Birthday Card Holders

I have a confession to make.  I am a pseudo hoarder.  At least with some things.  I like to keep cards I receive.  I don't know what I'll do with them -- more realistically, what my kids will do with them.  : )

I've started my girls off well, though, by keeping their birthday cards in their birthday photo albums.  One day they'll be able to show their children what cards used to look like in the olden days of paper.  And if they are still friends with some of the givers, they can both laugh at the handwriting. Who knows, the handwriting in the card may be better than currently!

These pockets are simple.  They are Treasure Pockets- Basic from Reflections.  The sides and the bottom of the pocket are glued to the Outdoor Denim base.  This is Lindsey's 5th birthday party when Snow White was able to join us.

I've attached the invitation and the thank you to the front of the pocket.  For the thank you, everyone got this picture and Lindsey wrote here message on the back.  Okay, I wrote the message and Lindsey signed it.  No, actually, I think Lindsey wrote the note too (I'm getting old and I can't remember)!

This pocket was put together with silver brads and sassy strand (long ago).  You can see the cards poking out above the pocket.  Another page holds her invitation and thank you.

It's made from two sheets of Background and Texture paper -- when the sheets were thin.  But since the page stays in a page protector, it's not a problem.

So don't be afraid to keep your items!  It's a matter of putting them in a logical place.  For the birthday cards while the girls are still having birthday parties, they'll get their own special pocket each year.  What the girls will do with them, who knows?  But while I'm still around, they're keeping them!  : )

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