Friday, February 21, 2014

Timberline Workshop on the Go

Since we had a trip planned to North Lake Tahoe, I thought the Timberline WOTG would be an appropriate layout -- road trip and no snow.  So here it is ready for pictures!

There were two tricky parts to this layout.  One was making sure my Cricut was set to Real Dial Size.  And the other was remembering that the pictures and background and texture (B&T) paper are moved slightly above the bottom of the center section.  (there is a different B&T paper just above the "s, oo, es," etc of "".  I had to pull the papers up and reposition them because of that mistake!

Anyway, I like this workshop because we are exploring our world.  Since there is no snow, we are planning other activities instead of just skiing.  It'll also be great family-time.  : )

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