Friday, November 21, 2014

Update on Wrist

It was 4 weeks post surgery yesterday.  It has been much harder for me to type than I anticipated.  I see the doctor again this coming Monday, and I'm hoping to get my splint off for good.  Okay, maybe I'll ween myself off the splint... few hours on and a few off.  I have really missed playing and working on projects.

The worst part will be the fact that I won't be 100% better after I get out of the splint.  I'll have to take things slowly (and painfully) until I am 100% again.  I'll tell you one thing -- I miss my hand and arm!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pathfinding Workshop on the Go Cardmaking Kit

Today I thought I'd show you cards from the Pathfinding Wokshop on the Go Cardmaking (G1083).  Besides making 15 cards fairly quickly, you get a non-consumable stamp set in the kit.  Why is this so important?  Because you can pair the stamps with other papers and colors. : )

I like the stamp set in this workshop kit because of the versatility - even if some of it is Fall themed (the acorn and "happy fall" -- that's only 2 of the 14 images in the set).  There is a wood grain stamp that can be used throughout the year, for example.  And "Thanks" never goes of style.

Along with the paper, accessories, and stamp set, the kit includes cutting and assembly pictures.   The assembly guide is just that -- a guide.  Feel free to rotate the card pattern.  Or flip it.  Or swap stamp images.  Here is what I did with mine...

The card on the left is what is pictured.  I used the acorn instead of the feather on the card on the right.  I kept everything else the same.

I did a similar swap here too.

Here I flipped the pattern on the horizontal axis.  Okay, in English, it means that I slid the design to the top of the card instead of the bottom.  I hadn't meant to do it, although I'm glad I did.  After adhering the wood grain piece on, I stamped the arrows and "Thanks".  It wasn't until then that I noticed I had glued the paper to the wrong side of the card!  However, you won't have known my mistake without me telling you, so just go with it when you make a mistake.  : )

I also took this pattern and repeated it with Snowhaven paper.  That's the versatility I was talking about!  I could have kept all of the stamps the same, but I thought I'd use the sprig so you can see all of the stamps in the set.  You could also get away with just stamping the sprig once. The Silver Sequin Assortment (Z2013) would have worked too.  Again, I thought I'd mix it up with the Black & Grey Epoxy Bubbles (Z1935).

Here is a closer look at the Snowhaven card, albeit slightly blurry.

Finally, I made this last cardduring my afternoon of crafting.  I was inspired by my Shadow Club layout and the first pattern.  This is what I came up with...  And I am Thankful for each and everyone of you!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Artfully Sent "r" key

This is the key I chose to play with first.  The "r" key is found on page 14 and includes a images below.

Regular  Pocket Card Sentiment Scene Icon  Pop-up Sleeve

Each key has these many options, making this cartridge house over 700 images!  Want to see all the Artfully Sent images?  Check it out.

Here is the first card I made:
This is the Sleeve card using Brushed paper (X7190B).  I took another piece of Brushed background paper and cut it longer then the sleeve dimensions.  I did this so I could stamp "thank you" (from the Collection), and to attach the ribbon.  Both of those techniques allow the recipient to easily remove the sentiment.

With the paper inside, I stamped the saying in the butterflies with black ink.  I only inked the word I wanted each time.  In other words, "so very much" was one stamp.  First I inked the "so" and stamped it.  I then cleaned the stamp.  Second, I inked "very" in the corner of the pad.  I wiped away any stray ink before stamping.  I cleaned the stamp again.  Finally, I inked "much!" and stamped that.

I finished the card off with black resin stars from Scaredy Cat Assortment (Z3011) and Topiary Mini Chevron Ribbon (Z1929).

My second card is almost the same as the above card, but with different colors.  What else is different?  I'll give you a hint... I used the Cricut Craft Room to edit it.
I removed some of the butterflies to insert a saying!

After selecting an image in the Craft Room, you can chose to "show contours" which will reveal the lines within the card.  In this case, the butterflies.  Click the lines you'd like to remove, click on "exit", and you'll have a modified image.  : )

Slate cardstock was paired with Wanderful B&T paper (X7191B).  The blue dotted paper is on the reverse side.  I cut a smaller piece to cover the opening of that butterfly and adhered it to the back side of the front of the card.  Then I cut a large piece - one to cover the whole backside - and adhered it.  I put glue around the butterflies so the paper would be seated nicely.  When you open the card, the blue dotted paper is on that whole side.

"Congratulations" is heat embossed with Gold Embossing Powder (Z2066).  I thought about doing it in Silver, but because of the washi tape (Z1932) being silver, I wanted contrast.

Sponging in Slate and adding Gold Sequins (Z2012) finished off this card.