Monday, November 10, 2014

Artfully Sent "r" key

This is the key I chose to play with first.  The "r" key is found on page 14 and includes a images below.

Regular  Pocket Card Sentiment Scene Icon  Pop-up Sleeve

Each key has these many options, making this cartridge house over 700 images!  Want to see all the Artfully Sent images?  Check it out.

Here is the first card I made:
This is the Sleeve card using Brushed paper (X7190B).  I took another piece of Brushed background paper and cut it longer then the sleeve dimensions.  I did this so I could stamp "thank you" (from the Collection), and to attach the ribbon.  Both of those techniques allow the recipient to easily remove the sentiment.

With the paper inside, I stamped the saying in the butterflies with black ink.  I only inked the word I wanted each time.  In other words, "so very much" was one stamp.  First I inked the "so" and stamped it.  I then cleaned the stamp.  Second, I inked "very" in the corner of the pad.  I wiped away any stray ink before stamping.  I cleaned the stamp again.  Finally, I inked "much!" and stamped that.

I finished the card off with black resin stars from Scaredy Cat Assortment (Z3011) and Topiary Mini Chevron Ribbon (Z1929).

My second card is almost the same as the above card, but with different colors.  What else is different?  I'll give you a hint... I used the Cricut Craft Room to edit it.
I removed some of the butterflies to insert a saying!

After selecting an image in the Craft Room, you can chose to "show contours" which will reveal the lines within the card.  In this case, the butterflies.  Click the lines you'd like to remove, click on "exit", and you'll have a modified image.  : )

Slate cardstock was paired with Wanderful B&T paper (X7191B).  The blue dotted paper is on the reverse side.  I cut a smaller piece to cover the opening of that butterfly and adhered it to the back side of the front of the card.  Then I cut a large piece - one to cover the whole backside - and adhered it.  I put glue around the butterflies so the paper would be seated nicely.  When you open the card, the blue dotted paper is on that whole side.

"Congratulations" is heat embossed with Gold Embossing Powder (Z2066).  I thought about doing it in Silver, but because of the washi tape (Z1932) being silver, I wanted contrast.

Sponging in Slate and adding Gold Sequins (Z2012) finished off this card.

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Bethany said...

The Congratulations card is very appealing. I like the subtle contrast of the black butterflies and one light blue one.