Saturday, March 28, 2015

Softball Mini Album

My daughter's softball teammate had a birthday party last year.  Her teammate loves playing softball!  I thought it would be nice to commemorate the season for her birthday present.  All the work was done in the Cricut Craft Room using the Artbooking cartridge.

the front cover

The title was formed by welding the letters of Softball with the arrow.  I cut two copies out, one on white and one on black.  The year was created the same way.  A square was welded into the middle of the page so it would be cut out.  Then the sun ray and heart was glued underneath with vellum on top.
Here is page one and two.  Page two features two small tags.  I left the sticky on the bottom to encourage the recipient to write. The tags were stamped in Ponderosa Pine on white cardstock.
More teammates and a decorated car.  The gray areas may look a little weird -- I eliminated the girls' name.  The Grey Flannel page (you would use Whisper now) was distressed with the direct to paper technique.  I opened the stamp pad and lightly rubbed it against the paper in a circular motion.
It was neat capturing some of the season's tradition along with the girls.  The girls became good friends.  : )  "All Star" comes as is.  I did cut a star out of the black paper so a window was created.  I can't remember why exactly now.  Maybe because I thought it would be cool and I could!
The softball page was created by welding baseballs together.  The collage becomes softballs when it's printed on Honey paper.  After I created this page, I clicked on the image - hide contour - and eliminated the seams and space between the balls.  That's what formed the front and back covers!

We finally reach the end of the album.  When I added the names, I put the girls' first and last name.  That way, years down the road, the birthday girl will have the names to look the other girls up.

I know I had a lot of fun creating the book.  I hope she enjoyed receiving it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You're the Bomb card

This super cute card was inspired by a card made by Donna Digby.  Her original card can be found here, where she continued the theme inside her card.

My take was similar but I matched it with my Hopscotch workshop.  : )

The colors used are Hopscotch paper, Indian Corn Blue, Flaxen, and Smoothie.  The Indian Corn Blue was run through with my Chevron Embossing Folder (Z1925) and centered on a layer of Hopscotch paper (X7194B).  The spark for the fuse is a medium sequin from the Gold Sequin Assortment (Z2012).  Finally, the fuse was drawn by hand using our Journaling Pen (Z1979).

The bomb itself is a circle with a rectangle glued to the back of it.

If you look at the "You're the Bomb" stamp set (C1617) used for this card, you'll notice the "you are" is flagged only on one side -- the wrong orientation for this card.  We just cut the other side to make it "symmetrical".  Easy peasy!

And the "sparkle" from the lit fuse is really the shine of the diamond.  As I was telling a friend, I stamp because I can't draw!

As you look at the stamp set, you can see the versatility!  This stamp set is only available through the end of the month.  In other words, you have until March 31, 2015 to get this fabulous set.  Another benefit is $3 of the cost goes to Operation Smile!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Artfully Sent "Q"

Here are some more Artfully Sent samples - let's check in with Gail Vought's samples.  The "q" key is found on page 11 and depicts owls, branches, and a tree.

Gail used Seaside paper packet (X7192B) and colors to adorn this Scene card.  The belly, eyes, and beak of the owl are cut out and Gail chose to back them with Teal Glitter Paper (Z1991), Black cardstock (1386), and Desert Sand Cardstock (in Seaside paper packet).  She accessorized the card with aqua dots (Z1853) and Baker's Twine (Z1921).

One thing that distinguishes Gail's artwork is the incorporation of black.  With this card, Gail outlined the owl.
 Keeping with the black accents, Gail uses Black cardstock under the Brush Paper (X7190B) and again outlines the branch and leaves.  Where did the branch and leaves come?  They are the negative cuts from the <Pocket Card><shift> option of the "q" key.  She could incorporate the other part into a card front or on a layout.

The flowers (page 29 and 70) and black border (pg 63 with holes punched) are from the Art Philosophy Collection  which can be purchased as well.  If you don't have this cartridge, you are missing out on 700 basic shapes, tags, borders, 3D flowers, and more.

This final example is on the Sleeve option.  Gail again used Brushed paper, and outlined with black pen.  And she once again used the negative cuts to add dimension to the pocket card.  Since it's narrower, I believe she used the cuts from the Sentiment card.  It looks like she also had the branch cut smaller and then only used a portion up above where you see "HELLO" -- very creative!

Where can you find "HELLO"?  That word is just one of 700 images found on the Artbooking Collection (Z1906), and found on page 39.  Obviously, Gail likes all four of our Cricut Collections.  I don't think I could pick out a favorite cartridge either!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wedding Card Revisited - Different Paper

Well, I didn't really revisit this card.  In fact, I made it at the same time I made the Hopscotch card.  AND, this is the one I gave to the bride and groom!

The same thought process went into making this card as the Hopscotch wedding card, but I used Florentine paper (retired).

With this card I highlighted the heart by overlaying it with coordinating Florentine paper and adding the Small Flourishes sparkle.  I left the Colonial White "Love" alone so that it represents simple elegance.

In the picture below, you can see that I also popped the word up off the card base (Cocoa cardstock).

As you can see, I went with simple on the inside of the card as well.  The "Mr" and "Mrs" are lined with Florentine background and texture paper, and the "&" is coordinating cardstock.  The rings have been cut from the silver glitter paper.

Another simple yet elegant wedding card!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Artfully Sent Wedding Card - Hopscotch Paper

We recently went to a wedding and I wanted a quick and cute card for the couple.  I grabbed my Artfully Sent cartridge and went to work...

"Mr & Mrs" was the perfect pop-up for the occasion.  The elements for that card is found on page 34 in the booklet.  The inside of the card also uses the pop-up and icon categories of the "v" key (or the 4th column, 4th row). I went with the real dial size and made the card 5.5" high.

For the front of the card, I went with "LOVE" found on page 35.  It is the pocket card of the "b" key (5th column, 4th row).

"Love" is cut at 4" and then outlined with our journaling pen.  The brown and tan sparkles were added to the upper right corner of the heart for just a little bling.  I raised the whole thing with 3D-foam tape.

The cardbase is Chocolate - a great match for Hopscotch.

For the inside, I used Sunset under "Mr" and Smoothie under "Mrs".  Why those colors?  The "&" background paper is a mixture of those two colors.  :)  I also inlined - that's a word now :) - the "Mr" and "Mrs" with the journaling pen.

The rings are cut from our bronze glittered paper.

Not too long to make and will be well received.  : )

Monday, March 9, 2015

Oh my! An Overdue Card Workshop

Newton (I'm pretty sure it was him) once proved that objects in motion stay in motion, and objects in rest tend to stay at rest.  The latter has been me!  But I'm working on moving now, so I hope I stay in motion for quite some time.  : )

I couldn't let this fabulous paper and puffies go away (available until 3/31/15) without me sharing them, so I'm sneaking in a workshop.

Featured products are the Hopscotch paper packet with the Junebug (Z3038) puffies working with Happy to Be Friends stamp set (C1605).

For the workshop you'll be making two each of these four designs, and a bonus 5th design (using our limited time Operation Smile stamp set You're the Bomb (C1617).  You'll get more than enough Junebug puffies to complete the workshop and papers to complete the cards for $15.

Workshop dates are Monday March 23rd and Tuesday March 24th from 7pm to 9pm at my house.  Can't make those dates?  Just let me know and I'll put aside your kit for pick up or delivery.  I need to know if you'd like a kit by Friday March 13th.

If you haven't had a chance to look at the great stamps and accessories available from the Seasonal Expressions 1, go to my website and check it out.  There are two new paper packets, Picture My Life Programs (a la carte style even),  Cut Above, accessories, new embossing folders, and spring theme stamps.  Items in this supplement is available until March 31, 2015.  I have an open gathering called "Back from the Depths" that you can order under.  And I'm really sorry I've been at rest so long!

One of the items that will be going onto a "while supplies last" basis come April 1st is the Hopscotch (and Heartstring) Picture My Life (PML) programs.  But I love the Hopsctoch program and want to transform lots of those PML cards into greeting cards.  So that's what we'll do in April.  I'd like to order the cards in March to ensure having enough for everyone.  That workshop will be Monday April 13th and Thursday April 16th from 7 to 9pm.  More details coming.