Saturday, August 22, 2015

Artistry Coffee Cup

Coffee cups are rather popular right now.  Rather than placing a coffee cup on a card or layout, I made a card in the shape of a coffee cup!  It's super simple with the Artistry Cricut Collection and Cricut Design Space.  You could accomplish the same thing in the Cricut Craft Room, but you'll need to add your own score line after the image has been cut (in the Design Space you can add score lines).

Too cool!  Let me explain how I did it.  
  1. First, choose the coffee cup image.  Do not separate the sleeve from the cup yet.
  2. Size the cup to the desired size.  I wanted mine to fit in a standard envelope, so I made it 5.25" high.
  3. Once you are happy with the size of the cup, ungroup the sleeve from the cup, and move the sleeve aside.
  4. Choose the cup, copy and paste it.  Invert the copy and overlap the two images slightly.
  5. Weld the images together.  You now have the card.
  6. If you're in Design Space, add a score line between the images.  Make sure you attach the score line to the image to associate the two together.
This is what it will look like once it's been cut out and folded.

The last step would be to decorate the front!  Here is mine...

I distressed around the cup with Slate ink - directly to the paper.  I cut the sleeve from Kraft paper and then distressed it with Thistle ink.  The saying is also stamped in Thistle.  Treats of Friendship (C1616) is where the saying came from.  Rather than backing the heart with contrasting paper, or leaving the white of the cup showing through, I decided to color the cut out with Lavender (Z2453) ShinHan Marker, and adhere directly to the cup.  I layed the sleeve down on the cup where I wanted it and then placed the heart (with adhesive on it) through the opening.

After figuring where I wanted the sleeve, I "wrapped" the sleeve with Extra Thick Thistle Twine (Z3040), mounted the sleeve with 3D foam tape (Z1151), and placed it over the heart.

I have "wrapped" in quotes because I doubled the width of the sleeve, added a little more, then folded the twine and taped it to the back.  By doing this, I saved about 2" of twine - doesn't seem like much, but adds up over time and projects!  : )  I cut another smaller piece - about 1.5" and tied a knot around the twine (I'm still saving twine because the length would have to have been long enough to tie the knot in).

That's it!  You could add a saying inside.  How cute would it be to add a coffee house gift card?

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