Saturday, August 8, 2015

Monarch Butterflies 2015

A few weeks ago, the butterflies arrived.   Last year we had several caterpillars, but I never saw any chrysalis.  This year, we've had more butterflies, and more caterpillars.  And two butterflies! 

The caterpillars get pretty big before the change.

There is one chrysalis and the second caterpillar is working on it.  I found it interesting that the changed in the same general location. 

Here is the empty shell.  Right before she came out, the chrysalis changed to a black (color of the body).  I had thought that metamorphous took longer, but it was only about a week. 

 Below are the two newest butterfly additions!  I'm hoping to find more youngsters in the near future.  A monarch visited us today.  : )

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