Monday, October 19, 2015

A Closer Look at Watercolor Pencil and Watercolor Paint

I forgot to share with you a close up picture of the watercolor paint and pencil.  So here you go...
I also want to call to your attention that there are times were markers DON'T work.  This is one example!  The embossed lines do not allow the colors to blend well - or at all!  The leaf looked pitiful in real life too.

But on the brighter note, you can see that the watercolor pencils don't look that good before adding water.  The problem with the pencil was the same as the markers.  The embossed lines didn't allow the best to come out with the tool (pencil and marker).  However, you can see what a difference the water makes with the watercolor pencils.  If you felt the colors are too dark with the watered pencils, you could add more water to lighten the look.

Markers are a much better when used in open areas of coloring.  If I hadn't embossed the leaf, the marker would be a viable tool.

Look back at the cards the leaves were used in.  Here is the watercolor paint and here is the watercolor pencils.

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