Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yea, I'm Released

I saw my orthopedic surgeon who released me for my right wrist.  The 24th of this month will mark my one year anniversary of wrist surgery.

I'd say I'm 95 percent back to before my injury.  The wrist is a little tight sometimes but will loosen up pretty fast.  I've been able to cut for quite some time.  The range of motion was the last to come back.  I know that will continue to get better over time and use (and stretching).

Thankfully Dr. Thompson and his nurse, Dan, didn't take it personally when I told them I hoped not to have to see them again.  : )

I'm so glad I had the surgery, and would do it again (if I had to -- I'd prefer avoiding the injury in the first place).

Keep healthy!

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