Monday, October 5, 2015

You're an Original

If you're like me, you enjoy perusing Pinterest and pinning inspiration.  But what happens to the inspiration then?  Just like our pictures, do they get stuck on our computer?  Well the other day I decided to act upon one of my pins.  : )  I was inspired by this card, but changed the stamp set to one of ours.

It's a very simple and elegant card.  The saying is stamped in Black, the flower is Eggplant and Gypsy.  The leaves are stamped with Sweet Leaf and Pear ink, and the ink blots are stamped with Whisper.

Then I thought, "what if..." I add a few layers? These cards are the results.  At first I thought I'd match the color of the flower to the cardstock (Poppy) -- the most upper card.  That flower, however, is two toned, and I thought, "what if..." and went with the darker color (Pomegranate) mat.  Then my thoughts went to "what if..." I change the color of the flower?  The Sapphire flower came about .  And here I thought I'd make it a little more formal and mounted the focal with the Black cardstock.  Love it!  Much better than the original pin because of the added interest and depth of the card.
My next "what if..." goes back to color.  I had already stamped the flower in several colors because flowers come in all sorts of colors!  But what if  I change the color of the ink blot?

 Here the flowers are Saffron and Honey and then Eggplant with Thistle.  The focal piece is surrounded by Honey, Chocolate, and Thistle (working left to right and down).  The ink splatter on this card is a different one than above, and is stamped in Saddle ink.  The saying is stamped in Chocolate.
I hadn't been able to decide with the brown color family, so the last two cards I stamped the ink splatter in Cashmere ink, which is lighter than the Saddle ink.  The flower colors are Cotton Candy and Pixie, and Peacock and Lagoon.  The background colors are Chocolate and Lagoon.
Finally, here are all of the improved cards put together.

Two stamp sets were used to create all of these cards.  After I made them, my next "what if..." was about rotating the orientation of the card.  That result is for another day. The flowers, leaves, and saying are from Blossoming Expressions (D1665). There are several stamp choices for the inside of the card within the set.  The ink blots come from Ink Blot (D1660).  I used three of the available seven blots.

So, go take a look at your pinterest boards and create something!  You'll be glad you did, I was!

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Sharli Schaitberger said...

Fabulous! I love what you have created, I love the challenge, and I agree that we can out- do the other company! Ready to roll!