Monday, November 16, 2015

Changing the Stamp Set but Keeping the Paper

I've shown you the overall picture of this updated workshop from September 2015, but let me show you a side by side look at the cards.

Similarly to my last post, you can also change the stamp sets out and keep the paper the same.  It's just another way paper and stamps are versatile!

Not much can be added to the pictures.  The stamp sets I used are in the first post which you can find by clicking on "updated workshop" in the first sentence.  To me, the cards look very different, but the papers are the same!

Small circles are Flaxen, large flower is Glacier and Cricut cut.  Modified A Cut Above (and rotated 90 degrees on pg 49) of Wishes.

The leaves were stamped with Ponderosa on Sweet Leaf paper.  The horizontal and vertical lines were made from the stem in the stamp set.  The flower and leaves are Cricut cuts.  From Wishes - Gallery (rotated) pg 119.

With this one, the leaves are tone on tone - Sweet Leaf stamped on Sweet Leaf.  The "Happy" banner is a Cricut cut that was trimmed to only have the banner on one side.  You could tuck it under the flower if you'd prefer.  From Make it From Your Heart Volume #1 - Pattern #20.

The flowers are masked for the leaves.  I stamped the back side of the stamp to fill in the outline!  The Butterflies are part of the Finding the Words stamp set.  Expanded Midpoint (pg 77) from Wishes.

This last picture is after I dolled up the cards with accessories.  Even a little can make an impact.  : )

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