Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Little When It's Needed

Sunday Ray went to find Belle.  He told me it was time when he won't take the meds (or food) that might help him.  I listened even though it was hard...

Yesterday was hard for me, especially when the doorbell rang.  After 11 years (at this house - I had an additional 11 years at our other house) of hearing a dog bark, it was silent.

I had shopping to do, but I stopped by the decoration section.  I needed something to make me a little happier.  I found and bought this.  Putting him out was the second thing I did when I got home (peeing was the first -- I  know, tmi).

It made me happier to know there's a dog around, and there always will be.

The third thing I did when I got home was go check on my Snowbell bulbs.  I'd been really good about not checking on them, but it was time.

I found six plants just breaking ground!  Some of them aren't even this high so it was hard to find them all.  In fact, this one was under the bark that I pushed aside to find!

I was as happy as I could be!

I'm trusting that Ray found Belle who introduced him to Benny (who lived with Belle) who in turn introduced him to Rex, Rosie (first dogs), Cujo, Prairie (sister's dogs), and Camille (another sister's dog).  Cujo and Prairie introduced Lily to Ray too.  And just maybe, they found my childhood dog, Missy.  Gosh, I hope so!  And they are one big family running around and healthy.

This is the first time since 1993 that a dog has not lived in my house.  I need a couple of months before I start looking for our next two...  Thanks Ray and Belle, my wonderful babies, for these chapters of my life.  You will be missed, and through my tears, I'll smile at all the good times.

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