Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I hate my job, sometimes!  Let me tell you why... And I should start with the fact that it's not a horrible problem to have.  Well it is when a decision needs to be made!

So, I'd been working on my birthday goodie cards and got to the Bandwidth card.  The plan was to emboss the base of the card and assemble.  First problem was deciding which side to have face up - the center of the design or the outline of the design (top left vs bottom right).  Next was the decision of the focal point.  Do I leave a little bit of border or more (top two vs bottom two).  After I couldn't decide which was better, I then thought of backing the base with Black cardstock to mimic the focal (top right and bottom left vs the other two).

So I made four of them and laid them all out.  Technically I should have made 12 more - one for each of the decisions, but I didn't have the time.

Do you see my PROBLEM?!  Having to make these types of decisions is just exhausting sometimes!  I didn't even have family members around to help with the decision.  And the WORST PART is I STILL CAN'T DECIDE!!

I did make a decision, but you'll have to make one too, if you receive this card as your goodie card.  You'll have to decide which embossed part goes upward.  All I have to say is, "Good Luck!"  : )


Lisa Trent said...

I think I like the bottom left best.

Dana Simone-Kurtz said...

Thanks, Lisa!