Saturday, February 27, 2016

Easter Box from Artiste Cricut Collection

How about this adorable Easter box?  Would you like to make this for your kids, friends, coworkers, and neighbors?  It's simple... let me show you how I did it.

 Like the title says, this comes from the Artiste Cricut Collection.  It can be found on page 73 of the book (the "Spring" key).

This guy is 9.5" high.  I cut it out with White Daisy for the bunny to be white.

The pink, purple, and green tape you see is from the Limeade Washi Pack (Z3198).  That is a three pack with 1/4" Thistle, 1/4" Pixie, and 1" Pear striped pattern.

The Pear polka dots are from February's Stamp of the Month (believe it or not).  And the "Happy Easter" is from the Artistry Cricut Collection (that one has lots of words), and is stamped in Canary ink.

After my Cricut cut out the piece (it's one piece), I folded along the score marks.  The Thistle washi tape was placed just under the scored part of the side (see above picture).  Under the Thistle, I added the Pixie washi tape, butting them next to each other.  I then folded the sides of the box and trimmed the excess washi tape.  I repeated the process for the other side.

Next, I folded the curved flaps up and placed a post-it note across the flap to mark where the Pixie washi tape hit.  I kept the note there while I stamped the dots in Pear (the dots would show up under the washi tape if I hadn't masked the area with the post-it note).  After I removed the post-it note, I had a line for where I could add the Pixie (and subsequently Thistle) tape.  The two colors wrap around the whole box. Repeat for the other side.

The Pear washi tape started where the Thistle washi tape ended, but I applied it perpendicular to the Thistle tape (it will make sense if you look at the direction of the stripes).  There is a slit in the flap for the bunny to fit, and I chose the size of the box so that there would be 1" on either side of the slit.  That way I didn't mess with another strip of washi tape.  (This isn't to say you can't make the bunny larger and just line up more tape.  I just didn't want to do it.)

Being me, I lined up the stripes of the washi tape when I layed the second side of tape.  The last part to finish the flaps was to turn over the flap and cut off the excess washi tape.

Last thing I did was add a Pixie nose to the bunny by inking up the same dot stamp.  Most of the stamp is off the bunny.  I had added an eye with the same method but it was out of proportion so didn't do it again.

That's it!!  Fill the box with little goodies (chocolate is a favorite) and then nudge the bunny through the slits.

For this, I put the nose and ears through first (the tail wants to take cuts).  I found this the easiest (and less frustrating) way to do it.

I hope your try making one today!

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