Friday, February 19, 2016

Lisa Stenz's pinterest post I found some time ago was my inspiration for these cards.  I started with the blue flowered card as a card exchange.  However, unlike Lisa's card (plain white front), my card exchange challenge was to add embossing to the card.

Shortly after the card exchange, I made some for my marketing class I took.  I thought it would be a perfect example to the class how to passively market myself (Heather, you would be proud!).  That lead to the red flowered card.

However, I wanted to give a few to my instructor as a thank you, but wanted to make each card unique.  That's how the Orange and Yellow cards came about.

The cards are constructed in the same manner.  The background paper is from various paper packets.  The red and orange are from Sangria, the blue is retired, but you could use paper from Regatta, and the yellow is from Penelope.  The stamps I used came from Wavy Blooms (D1651) - these are the three sayings within the set, but there are three other flowers. And, as you can see, I used three different embossing folders for the cards (my bright idea to change the envelopes was after I embossed all but a few).  All of the ribbons I used have been discontinued.

Embossing Folders:

Dot - Z1924

Chevron - Z1925

Diamond - Z3020

I colored the flowers with our Watercolor Pencils (3505) and then blended them with our Blender Pen (3174).  Since I had a lot to color, I stamped them ahead of time and then colored them in front of the TV.  Cutting them out was done in front of the TV too (bonus!)  The watercolor pencil lends itself to subtle and soft flowers.  Each flower is from two tones of the same color.  The red flower's leaves are only Olive pencil, I colored darker in some areas to get the two tone affect.

Oh, let me tell you how I lined up my embossed and non-embossed paper so well!  I didn't!!  I cut the paper for the entire area (3.75" x 5") and then only embossed the top part of it.  I need the ribbon to cover the seam from the end of the embossing folder.  Hee Hee!

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