Friday, April 15, 2016

Oops! Thoughtful Thursday 4/14/2016 on 4/15/2016

I don't know why I was thinking Thursday was Wednesday, and that I had "today" to put my thoughtful Thursday up.  Well, it's probably because my girls have been with my parents since Monday (we're out this week for Spring break).  That coupled with the fact that I think Lucy and Tigger have been missing them and driving me crazy, needing attention every few hours.  I mean, come on!  That's why we got two dogs so they would keep each other entertained!  Lucy especially has been naughty... stealing pillows, shoes, socks, plastic Barbie pieces... anything to distract me and my "work".

And since I posted my Color my Heart Color Dare card so late in the day yesterday, I decided I'd wait until today to post my thought.  Fact is, I had made a second Color Dare card that I was going to post today (again thinking today was Wednesday) for the "competition".  You'll get to see it this weekend though!


Since I'm all messed up, this is a good one to share.  A friend sent this to me in an email probably 8 years ago.  It's been in my inbox since then.

I love the woman's expression.  She looks quite sarcastic and one who hides the fact that she swears.  I bet she swears like a sailor!!

What are you proficient in?!

The girls will be back at school next week, so I should be sane again by then.  Have a good one in the meantime!

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