Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday 5/12/2016

I seem to have a bunch on my plate in the coming weeks.  I'm trying not to panic or over stress.  Retreating to my crafting is one way for me to handle things, too bad non-crafting tasks are on my plate...

Meadowbrook Middle School is having a book fair - buy one get one free - the week of May 23rd.  Come by and buy if you want to purchase some Scholastic books at fabulous prices (because you get one free).

I'm hosting a booth at the San Diego County Fair on June 8th, June 15th, and June 17th to show off Close to my Heart.  I'll be doing a live demonstration on the 15th at 4pm.  Come see me on the Home and Hobby floor!

Lindsey is promoting from 8th grade June 9th!

And I'm trying to get the ball rolling for our Welcome Back School Carnival (August 19th).

This illustration also reminds me of the movie Through the Looking Glass that is coming out soon.  There is some imagination there!

What would you like to escape from?!

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