Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gift Card Holders - coffee and softball

As neat as it was making the coaches thank you cards, I think I had more fun making holders for the coach gifts and helper gifts.

This first gift holder was for our team photographer.  Yup, it's a coffee gift card.  At first I was going to make this a card that opened upward, and I'd have the gift card on the inside.  Instead, I cut the top off, added adhesive along the three sides, and inserted the gift card.  I added some grey to the left side to add shadowing.

The cup is from the Artistry Cricut Collection.  Anne has a heart of gold, so that's why the heart got gold glitter paper.

Here I took the pillow box (from Art Philosophy) and added the coffee cup.  Why, because Ken LOVES his coffee.  Inside the pillow box is his gift card. Silver and Black Shimmer Trim are behind the cup.

Coach Dom found his sports store gift card inside this softball themed pillow box.

Remember that the next time you give a gift card, it can be given in something fun.  : )

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