Friday, June 10, 2016

Softball Thank You Cards

Recreational softball ended a few weeks ago.  Cards were needed for the team party.  Surprisingly, I had an idea of what I wanted them to look like.

Would you like to guess our team color?!  I did have to keep the softball in true color.  : )

These are 6" x 6" cards and come from Originals.  The pattern is called Side Focus and can be found on page 23.

I really like the industrial look the staples brought to this card.  The cards are for male coaches, so I thought it was a good addition.

This card is for the head coach who put the most time into coaching.  I wanted to set it off from the other two.  I did that with the Whisper cardstock replacing the Black cardstock.  I also added the simple word, "Many".  Simple changes make a statement.

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