Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday 6/2/2016

This quote is for my daughter Amber...  This past weekend, Coach had her leading off.  I believe Amber is a good lead-off hitter because she has a good eye and is patient.  So far, she's been on base the majority of her at-bats either by a hit, an error, or a walk.  She finds a way on!

Friday she was on base 100% of the time.  Saturday and Sunday she was still on, but not 100% of the time.  Monday she had a couple of rough games - still on, but not what she had been doing.  After the tournament ended, she asked Coach to possibly move her down in the order.  She didn't feel as if she did a good job.

It's hard doing something new and takes you out of your comfort zone.  It gets easier the more you do it, though.  I hope Coach keeps her as lead-off.  There is still no better (my opinion).  The coaches have confidence in you, Amber.  Now it's your turn to gain that confidence.  No one will bat 1000 over the course of a season.  Go, Baby!

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