Sunday, August 28, 2016

Flower Market Friends Banner Card

I received this card from a friend (and consultant) of mine, and fell in love with it.  She made it with the new Flower Market Cricut Collection.  As you look at the details, notice the texture of the flower and leaves.  Those are two stamps from the three stamp sets that come with the collection.

So, I had to lift Candace's card and knew the perfect card to use it for.  My Cardaholic's challenge was to use summer colors - vivid yellow, orange, pink, and green.  I was going to a adopt Candace's card.

This is what mine turned into.  I used Design Space to create it.  Using Design Space allowed me to create the card base as well as the petals and leaves fill in.  Let me explain...

CARD BASE (my picture cut off the bottom - look at the below image to see the points of the card): After importing the image, I copied and pasted it.  I will use the second copy for the "detailed" work. To the first copy, I ungrouped the images and then deleted the top part, leaving the solid banner.  I then sized the banner to my desired size (I kept the size linked/locked) - about 4" x 5.5" - I wanted the card to be able to fit into a standard envelope.  Now that was done, I copied the image, rotated it 180 degrees, butted the straight sides together and welded the two images.  Once that was done, I added a score line at the seam.

DETAIL: Next, I sized the detail to match the card base.  Easy peasy. I made another two copies of this and pasted them.

FLOWER: With one of the copies, I ungrouped the pieces and deleted the solid banner.  I then went into "Hide contour" and hid everything but the five petals.  I then enlarged the petals so that I could glue them to the underside of the flower.  It's hard to tell, but I embossed the leaves with clear embossing powder.  I used the same stamp set Candace did.  Then I used Bonding Memory Glue on the Whisper cardstock flower outline and adhered the petals.  Canary was the color of choice.

LEAVES: The second (really my third) copy of the banner was used for the leaves.  I repeated the FLOWER process for the leaves.  This time I stamped tone on tone (Pear ink on Pear paper).

FRIENDS: This was cut out with Whisper cardstock.

By using the Hide Contour feature, I didn't have to cut the whole top part out in the different colors.  Therefore I had very little waste of paper.  : )

The card was finished off with some bakers twine threaded through a bling button.

Here are the cards side by side...
You can see what a difference colors can make.  : )

To note: Candace uses an Expressions machine and doesn't use Design Space. Design Space isn't needed, but it's nice if I need to make this card in the future, I can just access the file.  You'd be able to replicate this in Craft Room too (for Expressions machines).  Design Space is for Explore or Air machines.  If you haven't purchased a machine yet, I suggest the Explore or Air.  Although the prices of the Expressions have dropped, they are being phased out.  You'll need to start using Craft Room as more cartridges go digital.  Design Space is a much more powerful program.  The disadvantage to the Explore/Air is that the machine is not a stand alone - you need a computer to cut your images.  Using the Craft Room will require your machine be connected to the computer though.

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