Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday 8/25/16

Just getting this one in for the day.  I was getting ready for the middle school's welcome back carnival last week....

I just finished JK Rowling's new book/play.  Which, I have to say, wasn't the best.  Without giving anything away, I wish they didn't make Ron to be such a dolt.  To me, they exasperated his character from the HP series.  He wasn't as bad then.

In the meantime, Umbridge has a cameo in the book.  This was and is so true!

Like I said, Umbridge plays a very small role in the book, but it just brought back all the hatred I had toward her.  The actress who played her did such a good job!  And Rowlings wrote her part superbly!!

What did you think of the new book?

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