Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Handmade, Hand Stamped Wedding Invitation

Want to see the wedding invitations I made for my niece?!  Of course you do.  : )

She got married at a historical park.  She likes Sea Glass and had succulents as wedding favors. Woodgrain came to mind for the invites.
belly band for wedding invitation
Closed Invitation
 The word Buckle is a cut from Artistry Cricut Collection (page 11).  The top layer is the word Love which was cut from Colonial White cardstock.  The background is Sea Glass.

Here it is opened.  I hand stamped each invite with the swirl (I still LOVE that retired stamp set) and heart in Sea Glass.  I also edge distressed the invite with Sea Glass.  The reply and guest information went into the pocket to the right.

wedding reply cards hand stamped

As you can see, I kept the same motif with the information card and reply.

I had created each base piece in Word after some designs I found on Pinterest.  I was able to get two invites from one 8.5" x 11" piece of light cardstock, and four of the Guest Information and Reply cards.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the margins to work out correctly, so when I brought the job to Staples for them to print and cut, I had some weird cutting instructions for them.  The Staples employee was able to follow along so everything was cut the way I wanted.  : )

To assemble the cards, I used a small bead of Liquid Glass around the edges.  I knew everything was going to be thrown away (*sigh*) so I wanted the cards to be economical.  I thought about using glue stick, but felt parts would dry before I had an opportunity to glue it down.  Plus it would be more labor (I know, I put a lot of time into the cards anyway) intensive with the stick.  The Liquid Glass was quick, easy, and cost effective (I didn't come close to using a bottle - maybe half a bottle).

You might be asking how much?  The raw materials was the most expensive part of the project (okay, if I were charging to make these invitations, raw materials wouldn't be the most expensive part) - about $350.  I made 100 tri-fold invitations.  So you have the tri-fold part, the envelopes for those, and the envelopes for the replies.  So about $245 for those.  Then the Sea Glasss cardstock; about $50 for three packs, and the few bucks for cardstock, ScoreTape, and other odds and ends.  Printing and cutting were another $40.  I didn't keep track of the time it took me.  I started early enough that I was able to edge distress while watching TV.  Assembling I did at the table so I could focus on that... I hate crooked cards.

Then I handed everything over to my sister.  I had cut and scored the belly band for the front.  And put ScoreTape on the edges so it would be easy for my sister and niece to secure the invite closed.  My niece really liked them, so that's what matters!

I made matching Thank You cards for her shower gift too.  : )

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