Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Tweet Card

Here I wanted to show two things.  The first is adding a second color to a solid stamp (see the stomach) and that cut out items don't always have to go on top (see the branch).

How do you accomplish the two tone bird?  First, you need to twist, twist, tap, tap, tap your solid stamp in the lightest ink pad (Creme Brulee here). Next, take a sponge dauber (or tissue paper for texture as I did here) and sponge with a different color ink (Sunset here) onto the inked stamp.  It's best to work quickly, but you can always give your stamp a huff to bring the moisture back outward before stamping.  Once the image was stamped, I took a  marker and used the fine end to draw in the legs and feet, and the beak.

For some reason I enjoy cutting small details.  How do I cut into small areas?  I use our micro-tip scissors which give me GREAT control.  I start cutting, usually a little way from (and going toward) the detailed area (the feet here).  That way I have a lot of paper to hold onto while I move the paper.  Notice what you just read?  I move the paper around my scissors, not the scissors around the paper.  I will adjust the scissors so they are more open within the detailed areas.  I find the back to middle of the scissors give me more control than the tip.  Again, I move the paper around my scissors until I'm past the detail area and then use more of the scissors with each "stroke."  I applied the same technique for the branchs and flowers.

All Products CTMH:
X7128B  Olivia Level 2 Paper Packet (background and texture paper)
X5754    Creme Brulee Cardstock
X5642    Cocoa Cardstock
A1104    A Tweet Stamp Set
Z2114    Cocoa Ink Pad
Z2167    Creme Brulee Ink Pad
Z2191    Sunset Ink Pad
Z2137    Olive Ink Pad
Z2214    Cocoa Marker
Z2203    Bamboo Marker (beak)
Z534      Micro-tip Scissors
Z1333    Mocha Opaques Adhesive Gems
Z1151     3-D Foam Tape (bird)

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