Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Workshop

Here are four of the five projects we're going to be doing this month.  Workshop dates are Monday November 28th and Tuesday November 29th both from 7 to 9pm.  Cost will be $15 and I need to know if you're coming (and any guests you'd like to bring) by Sunday November 13th (even if you don't know which day yet -- I need to know how many kits to make up).
Don't worry, the bottom right box will be filled with something -- maybe mints, maybe kisses, something.  Each item holds a different treat that you'll have to see when you get here.  :)  And these gift ideas are great for friends, family, and co-workers, and everyone else you want to sprinkle holiday cheer with.  So let me know which day you'd like to come, and we'll have a great time making these.

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