Monday, January 21, 2013

RanDOm StaMPiNg TeCHniQue

Random stamping isn't so random, as you will see in this video.  Kristine will explain that when you stamp you want to create triangles with your stamp.

After you create your first triangle, you'll use two points of a stamped triangle as two points of a new triangle.  Work your way around the paper.  And don't forget to stamp off of the paper!

What she, nor Monica, explain is that you can use more than one stamp image.  When you do, you want to start with the largest image and work your way down to the smallest.  And when you are going to have multiple images, you'll want to spread out the images.  In other words, make larger triangles.  Your smaller images will fill in the smaller spaces.

Now go have some fun raNdOM StAmPInG!

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