Sunday, January 6, 2013

Retiring CTMH Items from the Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book

The new Spring/Summer 2013 idea book will be active February 1,2013!.  That means stamp sets from the Spring/Summer 2012 idea book will be retiring at the end of the month.

The following items are available while supplies last or until January 31, 2013.  Take a look at these must have stamp sets. You'll be bummed if you don't get them now. And remember you can still order STAMP SETS from the Fall/Winter 2012. You don't want to miss out!

The sets are listed in book order.

Item # Item Description Page # Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book
G1040 Workshops on the Go® Spellbound Cricut® Kit 14
C1485 Super Powers 47
D1472 Simple Memories 66
B1369 Rosy Regards 67
A1111 A Tulip 68
C1456 Heartfelt Treasures 68
C1473 Remarkable Wreath 70
B1365 Spring Up 71
C1452 Delight 71
B1402 My Peeps 72
B1397 He Is Risen 74
D1467 Trees & Things 76
D1462 Splendid Day 77
D1509 Magic Adventures 78
A1128 Quick Cards—Shell 80
C1499 Perfect Day 80
D1511 Kick Back 81
C1498 Country Life 82
B1374 Bee Happy 83
C1457 Happy Camper 84
A1129 A Rainbow 85
D1505 Roar! 89
A1104 A Tweet 90
C1458 Paper Lantern 90
A1122 Bravo 92
C1440 Take a Picture 93
A1116 A Melody 94
C1442 Tailor-Made 94
C1439 Enjoy Life 95
C1455 Aspire 96
C1450 Eclectic Edges 99
D1508 Diverse Backgrounds 102
C1474 10 Things 105
D1464 Card Chatter—Love 106
D1478 Bingo Alphabet 113
D1296 Chocolate Alphabet Small 114
D1301 Hodge Podge Alphabet 114
D1303 Classmate Alphabet 114
E1013 Field Trip Alphabet 114
D1195 The Works Alphabet 117
D1222 Tiny Typewriter Alphabet 117

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