Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Gift

In December my family was invited to a wedding reception of a neighbor.  I usually wonder what to get a bride and groom.  This case was a little harder because the groom was a neighbor's son, and I wanted to do right by my sweet neighbor.

Everyone needs cards.  In this case I wasn't thinking of thank you cards because you usually get those with the invitations or have something specifically in mind.  CTMH came out with monogram stamps that I thought would be really elegant on card fronts.  I inquired about the colors the bride likes and decided that I would purchase the monogram letter, a corresponding block, and some ink.  But I wanted to make some cards too.

My neighbor has a Cuttlebug and some envelopes that I borrowed -- I can see why those are being used more and more.  At first I was just going to make a few... you know, enough to fill one of our card boxes.  My first problem was I liked too many of the cards I made.  A total of 6 different designs.  Okay, no big deal, I'll make a few of each card and give the couple those.

I made 5 each of the 6 designs.  I'm happy!  I make my box with the same simple design elements as the cards.  I'm happy!  I start putting the cards into the box... I gasp!  Of course 30 cards and envelopes are NOT going to fit into the card box!!  Okay, don't panic.  Don't panic.  I know, I'll put one of each card into the box and wrap the extra cards individually.  Those extra cards will be refills!

I enjoyed making the cards and the box.  I made the box generic enough that the couple can put memorabilia into it.  The date on the box is their wedding day.  And my neighbor can make replacement cards too!

I sanded the embossed flowers

Below are pictures of the card box.
Box top.  It's embossed with Clear powder
Side view of the box.

I added a saying to the inside lid.
A close up of the words.

I hope the bride and groom like their gift. It's one from my heart and I really enjoyed making them!!

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