Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stamp Kissing Technique

Watch this "Clearly the Best" video on how to stamp kiss.

What Kristine shows you will result in a second generation look for the image that was on the kissing stamp.  What isn't that clear from the video, is the back of the stamp she used to add the green ink, is any stamp that is large enough for the paper (Monica mentions it).

One other thing about the video.  You don't have to push down as hard as Kristine does onto the paper.  She's got the foam insert under the paper which will help with stamping.  She's on a solid surface that won't bow (if you have problems with unfinished stamped images, it may be you're stamping in the middle of a large table and the table is sagging a little -- move to an end and see if that helps).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Color Difference When Stamping

At the blog hop, I mentioned that I stamped everything on Champagne cardstock.  The colors of the stamped images were muted because of that -- champagne is a darker base.

I want to show you how the colors would look if I had stamped on Colonial White (left project).  As you see in the pictures, there is a difference in the flowers and leaves.

I felt that the darker hue was good for "Happy Mother's Day" because it's an "old" love.  While the flower on the left with "Love" can be new and fresh -- just like love, no matter how long it's been.

The moral of this "story"?  Don't be afraid to change your base color to modify the mood of your image and message.  :)

All CTMH supplies Used:
X7166B Clarie Paper Packet
Z1790  Artiste Cricut Cartridge
C1538  Girls Rule
Z2116  Cranberry Ink
Z2140  Outdoor Denim Ink
Z2106  Blush Ink
Z2191  Sunset Ink
Z2153  Sweet Leaf Ink
Z2421  Outdoor Denim Marker
Z2419  Cranberry Marker
Z1807 Pink Glitter Gem
Z1151 3-D Foam (pieces cut in half between flower layers)

What sizes did I use for cutting on the Artiste Cricut Cartridge?  All three images can be found on page 74 or C4R5 (column 4 row 5).
Lid: <Card> 3.25" Champagne cardstock; 3" Claire B&T paper
Sides of box (not shown): <3D Object> and <3D Object><shift> 1.5" for a 2.5"x 2.5" box
Saying (right box): 0.75" <happy mother's day>

I could have used Art Philosophy to cut the leaves out, but thought it would be faster not to.  Also, the leaves are stamped overlapped and were cut out as one image.  You could get even more technical and mask the upper leave.  :)

Would you like to make this box?  Heather Plotzke and I are having a Spring Fling workshop on Saturday May 4th from 10am to 4pm at my house.  We would love to see you anytime during the workshop.  Choose to do the projects you want.   We will be posting our projects afterwards for you to purchase.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mother's Day Key Artiste Cricut Blog Hop

Welcome back to another Paper Cupcake Blog Hop!  If you've come from Heather Plotzke's blog, you are moving in the right direction!

This month our challenge was to use the "mother's day" key found on page 74 of the Artiste Cricut book.  If you have the Expressions 2, that key is the C4R5 key (4th column 5th row).

The box top and bottom were made at 3.25" (<Card>) and the inner background paper was cut at 3" using the same image.  The sides of the box were 1.5" (<3D Object>) which, when folded, created a (half) box of 2.5" x 2.5".  "Happy Mother's Day" was cut at 0.75".

One of the things that struck me when I looked at the book, was "Why did they include two identical images on different keys?  Why didn't they just mark it as 'x2' like the lid?"  Since there were two images, I cut each out separately.  As I was assembling the box, it occurred to me why there are two!  The first image is slightly larger than the second (<3D Object><shift>) image so that the box nests nicely!!  Just remember to mark the smaller one so it can be on the bottom (if you care)!

I chose to use Claire paper and colors that coordinate.  The stamp set I used was "Girls Rock" (C1538).  To create the flower, I stamped the flower in several different colors, cut around a different part of the flower in a different color, then stacked them up with 1/2 mounting tape between the layers.

The colors I used were (from the outside inward): Cranberry, Outdoor Denim, Blush, and Sunset.  The leaves are Sweet Leaf, the saying is Hollyhock, and everything was put onto Champagne.

Put a little goodie or note inside.  Give one to your sisters, grandparents, and girl friends -- their a mother too!  :).  Tomorrow I'll show you how colors can make a difference, so come back!

Jump on over to Patty Smith's blog for more inspiration!  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Canvas Art Kit Workshop on the Go

The Canvas Art Kit can be found on page 23 of the Spring/Summer 2013 Close to my Heart idea book.  For $39.95 (plus tax and shipping) you can create one of a kind home decor art.  As Carly explains in this video, the kit comes with two color scheme dimensional elements, aprakles flourish, clear sparkles, Cashmere Baker's Twine, a 12"x12" Preprinted Canvas, a C-sized stamp set (exclusive to this workshop), and an instructional brochure.

Take a look!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Card Workshop

This month we will be working with Claire paper making four cards.  For your $15 you'll be getting a package of Keyboard Kraft Alphabet, Sparkles Clear Flourishes-Small, the paper, and envelopes to create the cards.  Trust me; you'll have lots of leftover alphabet and sparkles to create more at home.

Workshop dates are Monday April 15th and Tuesday April 16th at my house from 7 to 9pm.  If you can't make it but would like a kit, no problem.  I can mail a pre-stamped kit it to you for an additional $5.  Orders must be in by Friday April 5th to assure a spot for the workshop.  You can email me at dskdots at or leave a comment here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ride Across California Done, Now to Scrap the Journey!

My fifth grader and I just got back from a Spring break excursion that was amazing.  We biked from Yuma to Encinitas in 6 days, covering 272 miles of California!  It was hard work, biking between 20 and 54 miles each day, up hills and into the winds.

To celebrate, and to make sure we get our photos and journaling into an album, I'm offering an incentive to you to get your pictures off of the computer too.  When you use Studio J, and purchase a minimum of 4 layouts through my RAC gathering, I will give you a page protector for each layout you order.  Purchase 10 layouts, I'll give you 10 page protectors; purchase 4 layouts, you guessed it, I'll give you 4 page protectors! :)

Studio J is so simple to use, a fifth grader can do it.  Actually, even younger kids can do it because my now fifth grader created a layout when she was in third grade.  You have to at least check out Studio J!  Lindsey will be using it too!

Here is an example of a Studio J layout (not ride related),

but this one picture from the Ride Across California (RAC) will be part of one layout for sure!!