Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mother's Day Key Artiste Cricut Blog Hop

Welcome back to another Paper Cupcake Blog Hop!  If you've come from Heather Plotzke's blog, you are moving in the right direction!

This month our challenge was to use the "mother's day" key found on page 74 of the Artiste Cricut book.  If you have the Expressions 2, that key is the C4R5 key (4th column 5th row).

The box top and bottom were made at 3.25" (<Card>) and the inner background paper was cut at 3" using the same image.  The sides of the box were 1.5" (<3D Object>) which, when folded, created a (half) box of 2.5" x 2.5".  "Happy Mother's Day" was cut at 0.75".

One of the things that struck me when I looked at the book, was "Why did they include two identical images on different keys?  Why didn't they just mark it as 'x2' like the lid?"  Since there were two images, I cut each out separately.  As I was assembling the box, it occurred to me why there are two!  The first image is slightly larger than the second (<3D Object><shift>) image so that the box nests nicely!!  Just remember to mark the smaller one so it can be on the bottom (if you care)!

I chose to use Claire paper and colors that coordinate.  The stamp set I used was "Girls Rock" (C1538).  To create the flower, I stamped the flower in several different colors, cut around a different part of the flower in a different color, then stacked them up with 1/2 mounting tape between the layers.

The colors I used were (from the outside inward): Cranberry, Outdoor Denim, Blush, and Sunset.  The leaves are Sweet Leaf, the saying is Hollyhock, and everything was put onto Champagne.

Put a little goodie or note inside.  Give one to your sisters, grandparents, and girl friends -- their a mother too!  :).  Tomorrow I'll show you how colors can make a difference, so come back!

Jump on over to Patty Smith's blog for more inspiration!  Thanks for stopping by!


bren said...

I love this little box Dana! Thanks for all the useful tips so we don;t have to learn the hard way!!!

Patty said...

Oh Dana I love the box!

Rosalinda Cruz said...

This box is adorable and perfect to present to mom with a nice bracelet or charm. Great job.

Heather Plotzke said...

Thanks for the tips. I wondered why there were two of the same things. Got a whole new view of the booklet.

Loved the flower.