Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Studio J Layout Turned T-Shirt

I haven't showed you many layouts lately.  Don't worry, I've been hoarding them!

Today I'd like to show you what I did for my husband's and my 20 year anniversary last year.  We wend to Walt Disney World to celebrate and I wanted to commemorate the wedding.  For the two layouts I made, I thought of them as four individual layouts instead of two 2-page layouts.  However, I wanted to keep the same paper pack colors true so the four of us would be unified (see the bottom picture for what I mean).

For each of the girls, I took her birth picture, a current picture, and a picture of the four of us.  Of course I journaled when they joined the family!

For the two adult layouts, I mentioned our twenty years.  On each layout, I included the girls together, the four of us, the two of us, and a wedding picture.  For Mike, I added a picture of the his three girls as well as me alone.  For mine, you guessed it, I have a picture of him alone and with the girls.

Once I was happy with the four layouts I checked out.  Okay, I ended up buying the print version of these, but I didn't NEED to.  If I didn't want them as layouts, I could have bought just the j-peg version (which comes as a large version and a web version).  Since I bought the layouts, I got the j-pegs as well.

Armed with the j-pegs, I went to my printer with iron-on t-shirt transfer paper.  I printed (don't forget to follow the package directions!) each page onto the transfer paper and then ironed them onto shirts!

So think about using Studio J for a family reunion.  Isn't it better having pictures along with "Simone Reunion"?  You could add pictures of past reunions.

Or what about a birthday shirt?  You could add past pictures for that too.  Or signatures.

There is no limit to the possibilities!!

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Heather Plotzke said...

I love, love, love this project! Great job! I really liked how you made 4 separate pages for each you, instead of the same page. I hadn't ever thought of that! Great idea.