Monday, September 21, 2015

October's 2015 Goodie Bag Workshop

A fellow consultant, Kelly English-Triggs, designed three of these tags (look at the bottom picture and subtract the four I made).  That was enough for me to see the possibilities and RUN with it!  We used the Artbooking cartridge.  I used Design Studio (you can also use Craft Room) to make life a little easier.

These are the four I made after seeing Kelly's creations (in Nevermore Paper colors).  The Design Studio/Craft Room is very helpful so there is no cutting around the odd shapes because you can hide contours online (that you can't when using the Cricut machine as a stand alone).  The upper left "happy Halloween" is the perfect example with the bone outline.  "Boo" and the lit house are the other tags I utilized the "hide contour" feature.

These are the bags we'll be putting together in their completed form October 3rd.  I've combined old paper with some new colors - Flaxen as my yellow and Eggplant as my purple.

I suggest making up a batch of these for your coworkers, friends, and family.  Why not let Halloween get in on the giving action?!

What additional ones can you come up with?!

If you'd like to make all of them, I would suggest the following items:

Artbooking Cricut Collection
B1488   Pumpkin Chevron stamp set ("BOO!" and "trick or treat" over pumpkin)
X7198B  Nevermore Paper Packet (includes Eggplant, Whisper, Black and Sunset)
Z2642  Flaxen Cardstock will complement Nevermore paper and work well
Z2647  Eggplant ink
Z2105  Black ink
Z3040  Thistle Extra Thick Twine OR
Z3095  Whisper Thick Twine
Z2036  Slate Designer Bags (come in a set of 12)
Z1809  Black Shimmer Tape OR
Z1919  Purple Shimmer Tape (not shown) OR
Z1799  Silver Shimmer Tape (not shown)

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