Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cricut Cupcake Pullout Cards

I had some fun with these cards I made for my some of my nieces and nephews.
These came together relatively quickly, and looked in person how I envisioned them (always an added bonus).  : )

The cupcake is from the Artiste Cricut Collection.  In Design Space, the three parts (cupcake wrapper, icing, and back) come as one image.  Before I ungrouped them, I sized the image to be 5.25" in height (I may have unlocked it the height and width and made the width 4.25").  I wanted it to take the entire A2-sized envelope.  You can change the size to whatever your needs are.

After ungrouping the three images, I copied and pasted the back.  Then I shrank the copied back a little (I eyeballed this) so that it would fit nicely inside the cupcake wrapper.

I cut the images out - the back in Bamboo, and wrapper with Zoe paper collection, and the icing in Canary.  Done with the Cricut machine.

Next I went to my Cuttlebug.  I used the Chevron embossing folder on the wrappers.  Oh, if you look closely at the picture, you'll see the cupcakes are mirror images of each other.  The wrappers are both sides of the same paper, so I reversed the icing and the backs.  This is important for the sprinkles on the icing.  When you run your icing through the Cuttlebug, you want them in the correct orientation so the sprinkles are going outward instead of inward.  With the correct orientation of the icing, I used the Confetti with the Circle Diffuser (so I'd have a flat space for the saying).  I chose the Confetti embossing folder over the Dot folder because I wanted the sprinkles to be more random.  Done with the Cuttlebug.

Next, I sanded the embossed bumps of the icing with the Sanding Kit.  You can see I left some of them white while I colored the rest.  I colored sprinkles with Leaf Green, Tender Pink, Golden Yellow, Turquoise Blue, and Lavender.  I stamped various "Happy Birthday"s from the Joyful Birthday set (B1419) in either Sorbet or Glacier, whichever corresponded with the wrapper color.

Assmbly: I added scor-tape (1/8") along the outside of the larger back.  I adhered the wrapper to that strip to create a pocket.  Then I slid the smaller back into the pocket, after adding some scor-tape to where the icing will go.  I aligned the Canary icing to the card and then adhered it to the smaller back.

Last thing to do is to write something on the pull out and there you go!  You could add a gift card or cash to the backside of the pull out if you'd like for an extra treat.

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