Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dog Treat Tag

After losing my second pup (Ray) on December 13, 2015 I contemplated time (I lost Belle on July 3, 2015).  I had been wanting to make dog treats to give out for years, but kept putting it off.  This was the year that I wasn't going to put it off again.  The most unfortunate part of the process is I no longer had any taste testers!  But I wanted to honor Belle and Ray with moving forward and celebrating them with the treats.

I wrote a blurb up about time being my enemy because I had procrastinated so long and glued it onto the back of this tag:
The dogs came from the Artistry Cricut Collection (see page 9) as did the paws.  I once again went to Design Space to create the tag.  With the Explore machine, I was able to write the paw prints onto the tag.  I took the paw layer and hid the outside line contour.  That left me just the paw print.  Then I clicked and changed the cut to a drawn image.  I copied and pasted it to put on top of the tag.  Once I had the prints positioned on the tag where I wanted them, I grouped the three images and then attached the paw prints to the tag.  Their orientation and drawing was then fixed.

The black dog is Belle who had a heart of gold.  For Ray, I trimmed the long cut tail to a stubby tail to match him.  Baking and passing out the treats was somewhat therapeutic for me.  Belle and Ray's friends got a tasty treat and I was able to share some joy during a rough time.

Here are my babies!!

Surprisingly, and an added bonus, some of my dog friends used the tag as a tree ornament

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