Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday 1/28/2016

It's Girl Scout Cookie time, therefore I thought this caption was appropriate.  : )

I was looking for some recipes to use the cookies in.  You might think it blasphemy for not eating the cookies in virgin form - well, I'm a rebel!!  And I wanted to show they can be more than just delicious snacks.  They can enhance other foods too.

Serious stuff now... there were several blog posts saying that the cookie prices are ridiculously high. That made me sad. Unfortunately, I think people forget the fact that these cookies are a fundraiser.  Let me show you where the money goes.

So you see, when you buy a box of cookies, you are giving as well as getting.

Keep this in mind too.  In 2015, in San Diego County, a box of cookies went from $4 to $5.  That was the first price increase in 10 years!  Besides Costco's hot dog dinner deal, what goes up in price that slowly?!  Pretty much nothing!

Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now...

If you don't want the cookies, and you're asked to buy, there are lots of military personnel who would love a box.  You can always support them by buying them a box too!  By the way, supermarket booth sales start February 5th and go through March 6th.

Happy Girl Scout Cookie Season!!

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