Friday, February 5, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday 2/4/2016 on Friday 2/5/16

This is why I'm posting today...
I have a group of gals who get together every other month for dinner and to exchange cards.  It was my turn to host, and we laughed for two hours and were inspired by each other's creativity.

There are lots of other times where I get too involved with the moment to take my camera out.  I really enjoy being in the moment.  Of course it's down the road when I wish I'd taken more pictures.  Someday I'll strike a good balance of enjoying the time and snapping a few pictures.

What about you?  You must have a time where you didn't bother with the camera - even the phone camera.  Remember how much fun you had?!  Ahh, memories.  : )

Why not post earlier?  I HAD to get my hair colored and cut today.  Those of you who color understand what I'm talking about...

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