Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Treat not Trick

I had to bring dessert for the cross country's team dinner the other day.  I like making things, but thought cookies and cupcakes had been done already.  It was time to try something different.  Since Halloween was right around the corner, I looked for something festive and found the perfect dessert!

Jello Candy Corn

Since I needed 60 cups, I didn't follow the recipe I found which only added a fraction of the water so the colors would be intense. Instead, I followed the directions on the package for the regular making of Jello.

The bottom layer is Lemon Jello (you can use whatever brand you'd like).  I made it up in an 8 cup measuring glass so that I could easily pour the liquid into cups.  I also put the cups into and onto trays for easy moving into and out of the refrigerator (and I transported them in the trays too).

I let the Lemon cool in the frig for a couple of hours.

Then I made the Orange layer.  I made twice as much Orange as Lemon because if you look at candy corn, the orange layer is larger than the yellow.

What was neat, I think, was that the heat of the Orange layer, melted the top of the Lemon layer so that the two layers melted together.  A gradient was formed instead of having two distinct layers (a student even asked about how I did that!).

Right before I left for the dinner, I added whipped topping and the real candy corn.  I waited a little too long to do this so I had to rush.  The White layer wasn't, therefore, as pristine as I would have liked.  However, I decided the high schoolers wouldn't care - I was right!

Several of the students came back for a second cup.  A few came back to make sure their friend got one of the tasty treats.

The Jello treats were especially nice because the temperatures where in the high 80's.

I'll suggest this dessert any year, and it may even make another appearance next year at the cross country dinner.

Enjoy Halloween tonight!!

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